Why 'Pushing Daisies' Is Amazing

Why 'Pushing Daisies' Is Amazing

The show has been off the air for seven years, yet still continues to touch the hearts of those who watch it.

"Pushing Daisies" was a show which was on air on ABC Family from 2007 to 2009. It featured the characters Ned the Pie Maker, Charlotte "Chuck" Charles, Emerson Cod, and Olivia Snook, played by Lee Pace, Anna Friel, Chi McBride, and Kristin Chenoweth, respectfully. It was created by Bryan Fuller, and features Ned, a pie maker who is able to bring the dead back alive- conditionally of course. Ned owns a bakery called the Pie Hole, and on the side works with Emerson Cod to solve murders by bringing back dead victims for a short time to figure out who had killed them. Olivia Snook is a waitress at his bakery, and has a massive crush on him. She aims on winning his affections by taking care of his dog and hoping to hook him with her sweet personality. Everything is thrown off course when Ned brings his old childhood sweetheart, Chuck, back to life. The two fall in love, however, there are complications because if Ned touches her again, she will go back to being dead. The shows two seasons surround these characters placed in a storybook-like town characterized by bright and bold structures and colors, particularly yellows and reds and greens, filled with brutal and grim murders.

This show went off the air in 2009 as it had begun to struggle with ratings. Though taken off the air, in 2015, it was also named the number one show which fans wanted rebooted onto the silver screen. Though unlikely it will return, there are a few reasons why I will continue faithfully to wait for this beautiful, wonderful show to come back on air.

Visual Style

Pushing Daisies has one of the most unique sets in television. It's bright and colorful and the scenery seems to be just as animated as the characters themselves. Matching the dynamic set is the series of wardrobe choices for each character in each episode. Chuck wears brightly colored dresses and outfits, while Ned sports blazers and sweaters with the occasional solid t-shirt while in his bakery. Olive Snook is seen often in whatever uniform she is prescribed, whether it be her waitress uniform in the Pie Hole or her uniform during her time at the nunnery. In the event Olive isn't in a position to be in a uniform, she wears brightly colored dresses.

Characterization and Plot

The characters in "Pushing Daisies" have lives that go very hand in hand with one another, ever intertwining, but separate all the same. Each character goes through changes through each season as a matter of their circumstances, and as much as the characters move the plot, the plot moves the characters. There is a fine balance between the two which is beautiful and very well done, making it truly enjoyable and each character, whether good or evil, secondary or primary, is rounded and dimensional.

The Narrator

Probably the best of all of the characters is The Narrator. "Pushing Daisies" is narrated by an omniscient, third person narrator who speaks with the audience while telling you what is happening in each character's mind during any given moment. He takes the audience back into each character's lives, and details the setting with remarkable clarity, describing the setting and the character's age, down to the minute. The narrator is humorous and has a very soothing voice, and speaks as though he is reading from a children's book about the events taking place in each episode. It creates a stark contrast between the actual occurrences- necromancy and intense third degree murders- and the animated story book like nature of the entire show itself.

Ultimately, "Pushing Daisies" is a well rounded show, with well balanced characterization and plot sequencing, solid narration, and stunning cinematography. It has a bright juxtaposition between a macabre plot line and a bright and sunny visual style similar to that of a story book. Though it has been off the air for seven years, there have been many attempts and efforts both by Bryan Fuller and the fans of the show to bring it back on the air.

Cover Image Credit: ABC Family

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Companies Are Starting To View Lesbians As More Marketable Than Gay Men

At E3, Sony premiered "The Last of Us 2," featuring an intimate lesbian couple.


At E3, Sony premiered "The Last of Us 2", which starred a lesbian couple dancing and kissing. Last month, the Marvel blockbuster Deadpool 2 featured a young gay couple as well. Slowly but surely it seems, we're making steps towards the inclusion of LGBT people.

Now, it seems there are many canonical lesbian relationships in the media, revolutionary breaking genre they exist in (gay relationships usually take place in dramas, not the action and adventure genre) and dividing its audiences. Examples over the past few years are Tracer and Emily in" Overwatch," Lexa and Clarke in "The 100," Korra and Asami in "The Legend of Korra," and Marceline and "Princess Bubblegum."

But where are the gay men? Last year, Disney toted La Foe as its first LGBT character, but it's easy to miss you have a keen eye and reject if you're homophobic. This year, Love Simon was released, featuring a young male couple and exposing to the world how being in the closet affects your perception of your close relationships. But this is a genre aimed at gay teens and young women. Perhaps I don't consume enough media, but this is the only gay couple I can think of in the recent years that wasn't in something tragic and rated-R.

Where are the gay men in fantasy and action? Is seeing men kiss inherently more repulsive than watching women kiss? After the release of "Harry Potter & The Deathly Hollows," JK Rowling stunned us all by touting Dumbledore's homosexuality with pride, but some were critical. How easy would it have been for JK Rowling to include that in the book? Rita Skeeter did an entire exposé about Dumbledore's life in the last book. JK Rowling had time over the past ten years to hear the concerns of the community, but directors have said in "Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them", for which JK Rowling has an Executive Producer credit, that Dumbledore will not be explicitly gay. Even though JK Rowling said he was in love with the main antagonist after Death Hollows.

The answer is painfully obvious. Lesbian couples are more consumable because they can easily be sexualized by the male target audience, and men can not. This carries disturbing implications about the objection of women and gay people, and how the media seeks to uphold its male audience. What would happen if the toxic gamers who drive women out of online play by threatening to rape them (which happens so, so, so often) were forced to watch two men kiss? What if their favorite Overwatch character was gay?

Objectification is the double-edged sword of increased visibility and tolerance for gay people. How many homophobic men would become violent if a man kissed them, but secretly watches lesbian porn at night? How many men have you heard admit to this with pride? In turn, how many straight women have you heard moan about not having a gay best friend? On this exact note, while there may not be any male relationships in TV, comedic reality shows with gay cast members, like "Queer Eye" and "RuPaul's Drag Race" rule the internet because they are consumed by straight people with ardor.

The marketability of lesbian relationships has another facet. It's no secret women are more intimate with their friends than men, so many times obvious signs of a romantic relationship are dismissed. In the first The Last of Us, there were obvious hints of the main female character, Ellie, being gay. The most obvious being a picture of her kissing her best friend on the lips. These "gal pal" googles diminish all the hints of representation gay women get.

There's no lack of chemistry between male characters entire. The desire for gay, male relationships fuels the most fanatic fandoms. While I don't condone the fanatic behavior, heterosexual relationships with support from most of the fans become canon within the next season or two. Always. What are we do make of this hesitance?

I'm not trying to imply that there should be fewer lesbians, but this issue demands our awareness.

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