Why Publix is the Best

Publix is a grocery store mainly located in Florida, but has stores reaching all the way up to North Carolina and over to Tennessee and Alabama. With so many various food stores all over the country, why is Publix so special?

1. Two Words: Pub Sub

A Publix sub can and will get you through anything. Made anyway you want and are basically a party all on their own. Their taste is unmatched and you can't go wrong by picking up one of these bad boys.

2. Their Customer Service is like No Other

Maybe it's the fact that they still always give me the kid's cookies, but I always leave Publix with a smile on my face. They know how to treat their customers and if they don't, they'll most likely be out of a job pretty soon.

3. Obviously the Free Cookies

Yeah, it says you have to be a “kid" but aren't we all still kids at heart? Usually they'll give you one, if not just keep asking until they do.


The first things you see when you walk in to Publix are the buy one get one free bins. You get really excited to see what will be there this week. Usually, something that's your favorite is on sale and you can't help but go crazy. A deal's a deal, right??

5. Their Cake is Heaven

I've had and will always have Publix cake on my birthday. Plain and simple, it's the best and it makes any celebration so much more enjoyable.

6. The Inner Coupon Queen can be Relinquished from Within

I know many other stores allow competitors coupons, but Publix doing it too just makes me want to go there 100 times more.

7. Student Spend Cards

This is essentially a refundable gift card that your parents load money on to. It makes sure you have money specifically for food and don't go spend it online shopping or when your out one night. This has saved my life multiple times.

8. Their Brand Can Beat Name Brands

Sometimes buying the store brand can be kind of sketchy. At Publix usually that's never the case; their products are top quality and they always refund if it isn't up to your standards.

9. Every Store is Generally the Same

This makes every store feel like your home store. It also provides for fast and easy shopping when you go to stores in other areas. You don't have to walk around looking clueless.

10. Pub Subs… Again

They're just so delicious and awesome they had to make the list twice.

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