I am frequently asked the overall question of why I write for Odyssey. I have found myself simply saying, "because I like to." But, the reason I write is much more than just because I enjoy writing. If that were the case, I would be content in only writing in a journal, that nobody could read. I write for Odyssey not only myself but others. Odyssey is like a weekly journal entry that is published for ANYONE in the entire world to read. Well, anyone with access to the Internet. I see this as an incredible opportunity to share my stories, thoughts and experiences with whoever cares to listen.

"Isn't it a lot of work to write all these articles?"

Not really. I usually write every day, anyway. I love to write. Odyssey gives content creators the opportunity to create whatever kind of content they want. If this were not the case, then yes, it would be a more challenging task. But, I have the freedom to write about whatever I am in the mood to write that week. Thank goodness.

"How do you come up with something to write about every week?"

You can literally write about anything. I could write an article about topics as simple as my favorite foods or as important as the presidential elections. It's all up to me, which is great. If you're forced to write about a certain topic, I feel, that takes away what I love about writing. Passion and expression.

"Do you ever worry about what people will say about your writings?"

Not everyone is going to like everything you do in life, and that's totally okay. I know I am still young and I don't have everything figured out. But, I have been through a lot of things that I think others can benefit from knowing about. The thought of someone else having been through the same situation or having the same feelings as you makes whatever you're going through a little easier. Having someone who knows what it's like to be in a certain situation makes you feel like you're not completely alone. If what I write positively impacts even one person, then I'm content with my article.

I love writing for Odyssey. I love hearing from my readers that my writings mean something to them or have helped them in some sort of way. Whether it be that they could relate, received helpful advice or just made them smile, I have accomplished my intentions.

XO and best wishes,

Ashley Rose Corbin