I know, you're thinking "Oh, just another person bashing 13 Reasons Why" but there is a good reasoning behind this.

13 Reasons Why has been a favorite of mine since season one. I always believed that the show had good morals and that it really shed a light on what bullying can do. Season two was released recently and I have never been more appalled at a show than I was in that moment.

I finished the episodes and realized that no matter how hard people tried to back this show-up, there was absolutely no explanation for what happened in the last episode.

Most of you who have watched the show know exactly what scene I'm talking about and have warned others about it as well, and if you haven't seen it and don't want to know what happened please read past this paragraph.

In the final episode, a boy named Tyler returns to school after serving time in a boot camp, a few of the boys from the baseball team find Tyler in the bathroom and proceed to yell at him for getting their season canceled. Tyler apologizes and the three boys slam his head into a mirror and then slam his head repeatedly into the sink. The boys then take him to the stall where they shove his head into the toilet multiple times. They then proceed to rape him with a mop handle and leave him on the floor alone and bleeding.

Now, I do realize this episode was to show that not only girls get raped and bullied, but guys too. I do not understand why they had to make this scene so graphic and borderline horror movie material.

I end this article by saying that, no matter your mental state or how well you think you can handle an episode like this, PLEASE do not support the show in their attempts to make this the norm for bullying victims.

This does happen, yes, but absolutely no one should have to endure that scene or feel that much pain from something like that. This show has left many emotionally scarred and has left many to take a step back to realize that it is just a show and that it is okay.

If you are being bullied or are depressed, please talk to a trusted adult and tell them what is going on. No one should ever be alone.