Seaside Heights! Frankie Valli! Atlantic City! The garden state will never leave you bored when you come to visit. We really aren't like any other state. If you are from here, you are Jersey proud. You have traditions. You make endless memories. Who doesn't make a stop to Wawa when going down the shore? Or hop on a 15-minute train ride to NY? If you are from this crazy state, you have definitely done those things and so much more. Here is why New Jersey is REALLY it.

1. We literally divided ourselves.

Have you ever heard of a state that actually has a rivalry in its own self? North Jersey vs. South Jersey. Taylor Ham vs. Pork roll. The debates are never ending. It's pretty hilarious if you ask me—but North Jersey is better and it's Taylor Ham.

2. We have the best breakfast sandwiches AND pizza.

Since we are right next to New York, we basically get the same type of pizza here. And oh boy, is the pizza delicious. Every town you go to there has to be one pizzeria near you or else there is definitely something wrong. There also needs to be a bagel shop, too. Just saying. You can't not get a taylor ham, egg, and cheese when you live in Jersey. My town has about 10 pizzerias and 2 bagel shops— I think that's saying something.

3. We are so close to New York and Philly.

Bored on a summer day with your friends? Go to the city or Philly! Where I live, I can get to the city in about 20 minutes. It's so cool knowing that the city can be a spontaneous trip option for me when I am bored with my girlfriends. This luxury is something Jersey people definitely take advantage of.

4. You can literally do anything here.

And I mean ANYTHING. Want to go to the beach? We have about 20 beaches for you to choose from. What about a hike? Go up North and find some beautiful trails. Want to go on a nice day trip with your friends? Hoboken or Montclair is the place for you. With endless options of amazing mountains, beaches, and restaurants—you'll never be bored.

5. We don't go to the beach--we go down the shore.

If you are from Jersey— you know that you are not going to the beach. You are going down the shore. Enough said.

6. Ever heard of Jersey Shore?

The question everyone asks someone from New Jersey is, "Do you know the people from Jersey Shore?" No. No we don't. We wish we did—but we don't. *sigh* What we would do to just feel Pauly D's hair...

7. We are the birthplace of Frank Sinatra and The Four Seasons.

We bring the music! Frank Sinatra was originally from Hoboken, NJ. From there, he only skyrocketed. While Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons originated from Belleville, NJ. From the songs My Way to Sherry, we will always remember where these artists really came from. And we are so so proud.

8. We are the state with the most diners.

Want to know what state has the most diners? New Jersey. These diners are truly unbeatable when compared to other states diners. You get a true, traditional diner feel in New Jersey. So grab a seat and always make sure to get a side of coleslaw. You won't regret it!