Why My Mom Is My Best Friend

The reason my mom and I are best friends is because we are so much alike. Like any pair of friends, my mom and I argue sometimes and we do not always see eye to eye. At the end of the day, though, she is my mom and I respect her as she deserves. I love and adore my mom just like she does me. My mom and I have been through thick and thin together.

The fact that I am able to call my mother at any time of the day and we can talk for hours whether it be at 11:00 a.m. on a Sunday or 12:00 a.m. on a Thursday is one of the amazing aspects of our relationship. My mother is really in me, especially in our personalities. When I say certain things, do certain things, think certain things, I realize just how much she has influenced me in my life. That is what makes us so close.

My mother is the motivating force within my life and sometimes I wonder if she even realizes it. For example, my mom is a very strong woman and she has truly achieved a lot in her lifetime. She is a hardworking single mother who has one child in middle school and another child in a very pricey college.

My mom juggles multiple jobs, including being a full-time teacher and does not let anything get her down. She has defeated many medical issues, she has leaped over boundaries, she has remained strong in her faith even through loss and disaster. When I talk to my mom, it's like talking to a national hero. No one is perfect but in my eyes my mother really cannot do much wrong.

Her love and dedication for me and the ones whom she loves is outstanding. She is loyal, she is smart and she is literally amazing. My best friend (aka my mom) is the most incredible best friend I could have because she understands me like no other person can. My mom always keeps it real when she feels I'm wearing something that is a "hot mess" as she calls it. She always knows when something is wrong.

There was a time in my life when things between my mom and me were like they are now, our connection was amazing. There was also a time where I felt that connection had been lost, but I am glad to say that we fixed our issue and we are back on track. My mom and I are closer than ever. Sometimes I find it so funny that she literally calls me out the blue to tell me about how someone did something to her and I say to myself, "She calls me and tells me this stuff like we are best friends ..." Then it occurs to me, we are best friends.

I love my mother and I would be lost without her. I appreciate her words of wisdom, her constant faith, her hard work, and her knowledge. She is the reason I am who I am. My mommy and I laugh together, cry together, and pray together. We have a strong bond and no one could take that away. I want my mom to know when she reads this that she is appreciated and loved. I do consider my mom my best friend, second to being my mom of course. You could call me a "momma's boy" or you could just realize that it's a legitimate friendship we have going here. Let's be real, my mom and me are friendship goals!

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