Why A Monster Movie Universe Is An Awesome Idea!
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Why A Monster Movie Universe Is An Awesome Idea!

Why would someone think it's a bad idea in the first place?

Why A Monster Movie Universe Is An Awesome Idea!

Fans of movies all want the same thing…connected universes. Something we all know very well today is that Marvel has created an entire empire with their Marvel cinematic universe where all of their films are somewhat connected to one another. It’s gotten so popular that finally after years of requests, demand, and hope from fans Marvel has finally installed arguably their most popular superhero Spider Man into their Marvel cinematic universe.

Of course when a franchise, a studio, or movies in general have some kind of universe behind it one thing is always certain…they are always going to make a lot of money. Take a look at the Marvel’s The Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron films, they both alone broke so many records and both made over a billion dollars and not including the other list of films they have, they still have yet to release two more Avenger films. Also their “rival” in comics DC Comics just released this year one of the most awaited films of all time Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as part of their connected cinematic universe which almost made a billion dollars in the box office and they have as of right now planned five more films in their cinematic universe.

Another franchise that is currently in the process of starting its own universe is the monster movie drama. Sure the classics like Dracula, Wolf man, Mummy are having reboots but those to me aren’t monster movies, they are horror films that have some sort of supernatural being. To me a monster movie is where a giant creature or even person for that matter threatens a city and destroys it or there is the rare case of where a monster will actually try to save a city and fight another monster. There has never been a monster universe where multiple popular monsters have connected. Either they have had many remakes like King Kong or have had just one long continuous plot like the Godzilla films. The only film where essentially there was any connectivity was the cult classic King Kong vs. Godzilla that was released in 1962. However, finally after all these years they finally are brining monster movies back all within their own universe.

In 2014 Legendary Pictures released Godzilla, which they finally after much hope started a monster cinematic universe. Similar to Shield in Marvel, the monster movies are all have a company called Monarch, which is pretty much the same as Shield in which they try to study the monsters and to see how they can be stopped if needed. Legendary even want as far to acquire other well known monsters from the Godzilla franchise that will only build the films plot much as well as use monsters we have never heard of before sort of like how Marvel does, think of how no one knew who the Guardians of the Galaxy were prior to their record breaking and popular film. The monster universe was all confirmed finally when the new trailer for the King Kong film Kong: Skull Island showcased Monarch, which was also featured in Godzilla. Plus you also have to take into account the business this film has created, taking to movie juggernauts Legendary Pictures who has rights to Godzilla thanks to a partner ship with Toho Co. and Warner Bros. who owns the rights to King Kong working together to create a epic universe

While the recent Godzilla film had a good cast, the acting by the actors wasn’t critically received well by reviewers or fans for that matter. However, the upcoming King Kong film has one of the greatest casting list that could have been thought of when you put them all together which is something that makes the fans even more excited. Like superhero films, you need to have actors that are well known and are also good for that matter to play characters in order to further the story. Now while no actor will be playing King Kong, when you have a cast list containing Tom Hiddleston, John Goodman, Samuel L. Jackson, and one half of everyone’s favorite stepbrothers John C. Reilly it shows the fans that the studios want the films to be well received so that we will also look forward to future films in this universe.

Much to fans rejoice it has also been confirmed that after the Godzilla sequel there will another film putting the two monsters together to see whom the real king of the monsters is. That’s the thing about films that have a connected universe that makes it all worth the wait, we as fans want to see each installment build up to the clash of the two most popular movie monsters. What makes it even more special is that despite how short today’s culture attention spans are, we will wait patiently for these films to be released because everyone knows when you rush the creation of a film it ends up looking like a fifteen page final essay that someone started the night before its due date…

It is finally time for monster movies to have more of a purpose than just smashing buildings and fighting each other (don’t get me wrong that’s my favorite part) but when there are other plots or meaning behind the movies it will only build the biggest fight in cinema both literally and figuratively. Finally after many years its finally time to accept that monster movies are back and have a bigger purpose then just watching cool effects. My professional (who am I kidding more like bias) opinion is that Godzilla beats King Kong but then again much like the last time these two met will there be a clear winner? In the end, we the audience, we all win.

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