Three Second Videos: A challenge to take three second clips every day of the month to create an overview of your month.

I know I am not unique. This is not an attempt for me to show off how original or creatively talented I am. This idea stems from an old friend of mine. I honestly just wanted to fit into her aesthetic, so I began making three second videos like her. Going through the monthly process, no matter how much or little we talked during the month, I felt somehow bonded knowing we were working towards this same finished product. Four months after I began creating, I lost touch with this best friend who inspired me. By then, however, the videos had taken on a different meaning.

Month by month, I watch who influences me and who I spend my time with. I am a HUGE believer in the ideology that people are the most important thing in this world, so these videos are the perfect way to showcase some incredible and important people. Every single person in my life is immeasurably valuable, and I cannot imagine a life without each bright face and brilliant personality.

The videos occasionally take on a more bittersweet taste, however, looking back on old memories; old friends. I can still see the influence they had on my life throughout the videos and beyond, but their faces began showing up less and less…month by month. I live with no regrets; these people are not regrets. People are the most important thing in this world. Even if someone hurts you, leaves you, or stops loving you, they are still invaluable. I still value the people who left my life, and I wish for them the best life possible. I love you guys.

So why do I make these videos? For the aesthetic? Sure. For the views? I guess. For myself? Definitely. Sometimes, taking a step back to see my own big picture keeps me level. I can never express my gratitude for every single person who plays a role in my life; big or small, then or now.