Why Japanese Mobile Games Are So Addictive

Why Japanese Mobile Games Are So Addictive

A look at the most popular mobile gaming market in the world.

If you've ever played a Japanese mobile server-based game like "Puzzle & Dragon," "Brave Frontier" or "Love Live! School Idol Festival," you'll know that the Japanese versions of the games are a lot more generous than the English or global versions. They're always the first to get updates, hold limited time game events and gift player rewards while the English-speaking world gets the short end of the promotional stick. The reason for this is rooted in Japan's massive market for mobile games.

Japan's mobile game market is teeming with new RPGs, rhythm games, puzzles, action shooters, even dating simulations – you name it. In fact, mobile game spending is higher in Japan than in any other market. With such a solid market and player base, Japanese game companies go to great lengths to ensure the best player experience possible for every single potential source of revenue. This is why you'll see frequent events giving away rare in-game currency or merchandise or holding promotions that drastically reduce the cost of in-app purchases for periods of time. Apps that don't hold these frequent "sales" will soon see shrinking playerbases and frustrated fans.

However, the rest of the world is not as lucky. With a significantly less competitive mobile game market, many game developers don't see the need to give away a large chunk of their revenue to global or North American players.

Despite Japan's seemingly limitless potential for game development, foreign games have never made it big in Japan. From 2001 to 2013, all of the titles on Japan's Top 100 games list were local games. Only in recent years, after enormous marketing efforts, have games like "Clash of Clans" and "Candy Crush" successfully broken into the Japanese market, staying within the Top 30 mobile games in Japan. Because the Japanese game market is already so saturated with apps that are developed locally and know how to appeal to their respective demographics, Japanese gaming appears impenetrable from the outside. For example, "Little Noah," pictured below, is a popular Japanese game very similar in graphics and mechanics to "Clash of Clans" but with stories and designs characteristic of modern Japanese culture. Thus, "Clash of Clans" offers nothing better to draw Japanese players in.

Now, if you're curious about trying out some Japanese apps, I have some of my recommendations for their English versions below, and if you already play on the EN server of these guys, I urge you to give the JP server a try, too. I guarantee, you'll love the loads of free stuff they gift you with.

Town/Army Building Games

Ritoru Noah (Little Noah) a.k.a. Battle Champs

Android | iOS

A game similar to with similar mechanics to "Clash of Clans."

Fighting RPG Games

Puzzle & Dragon

Android | iOS

The most popular and highest grossing mobile game in the Japanese market. Features a unique battle system incorporating match-3 gameplay.

Fate/Grand Order

Android | iOS

A classic RPG on mobile with good character design and developed plot.

Rhythm Games

Love Live! School Idol Festival

Android | iOS

The game that accompanies the famous "Love Live!" franchise, complete with the anime, music and movies.


Android | iOS

Deemo is actually developed in Taiwan, but it's beautiful music and charming storyline make it a popular rhythm game in Japan, too.

Cover Image Credit: Serkantoto

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I'm Addicted To YouTube

Listen up, Youtube addiction is real.


I was always the girl who loved watching television shows. Grey's Anatomy. The Office. Friends. Scandal. You name it, I probably have seen it. I loved that series existed and were available on Netflix. I also loved to watch live television such as America's Got Talent and Big Brother. These shows provided quality entertainment for me and some still do to this day. But recently a new era of entertainment has taken over my life and it is called Youtube.

See the thing is, I have always loved Youtube. I used to religiously watch beauty videos and learn how to nail that smokey eye and contour. I was a huge fan of the beauty guru era but quickly got over the same old videos. Now, I enjoy comedy and vlogs on Youtube. David Dobrik's vlog featured every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I watch religiously. I enjoy Emma Chamberlain's vlogs when she uploads as well as HelloKaty who provides some great content and life advice. These few of many vloggers and YouTubers I watch provide quality entertainment for real life which is why I think they reach the audience they intend and gets thousands and millions of subscribers.

It was only recently I realized why I loved Youtube. These people were normal at one point. Not that they are all aren't normal now, but they were just making videos to help, provide laughs, and entertain with the intention of entertaining others like myself. The money end of it was not originally there. That is what I love. Televisions shows are usually not realistic and true real-life content. Some may be made on true stories, but events in these shows don't happen daily. Also, television shows are created with the intent of making money that they forget sometimes how to attract an audience who just wants to be entertained. The producers are too caught up in the cost of production and hopes of getting the show renewed that there is lack of entertaining content. Television shows fail to realize the most important part of the show: the original content.

Youtube is THE platform. This platform allows anyone if you have an email and a camera, to post videos onto their website. There are no money problems and issues with getting renewed, just honest content from people who love to share their stories. This is why it attracts so many people and why so many millions of people watch and subscribe to these wonderful creators. I am proudly addicted to Youtube and I am not the only one.

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