It's OKAY Not To Know It All
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It's OKAY Not To Know It All

Being in your twenties and wanting your dreams to happen over night is like waiting for that one guy or girl to text you back. It won’t happen.

It's OKAY Not To Know It All
Taylor Eastwood

Figuring out life, at any age, can be one of the most challenging trials it may throw at you. Doing all of this in your twenties is just the icing on the cake. Most of us are Most of us have graduated or are just graduating college, searching for our “forever” career, getting engaged or un-engaged, dating, or you’re just twenty-four and single, still confused as to what to do with your life.

The amounts of pressure twenty-something year olds have in this day is unreal. There is pressure to find your dream job, settle down, have children and make loads of money because we all know that “buys” happiness. Or at least that is what some think.

We are constantly on social media comparing our lives to others; the way we act, what we wear, our relationships, jobs and definitely the way we look. Scrolling through Instagram, constantly saying, “I wish I had this or looked like that” has become the norm. We all do it.

As you’re doing your daily comparison on social media, remind yourself just how easy it is to put on a show for viewers out there. Meaning, it may seem as if that person has the ideal relationship, perfect job, great body and perhaps they do, yet, there is more to the story than you see.

The eagerness of wanting it all to happen and happen now is what lands us in those relationships we're not truly thrilled with, the job that doesn't serve purpose for our future and rash decisions we later may regret.

Truthfully, it is okay not to have all of the answers right now. Being in your twenties and wanting your goals/dreams to happen over night is like waiting for that one guy or girl to text you back. It won’t happen.

If it were meant to be easy, there would be no thrill in chasing after those dreams you so desperately want. You may go through five jobs before landing that dream job. There will be a day you get to where you need to be, however, chill out and allow your story to unfold, as it should.

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