Why It's So Important To Learn To Laugh At Yourself

A wise woman named Olivia Pope once told us (or President Fitzgerald Grant, whatever, same thing) that if you laugh at yourself, it will be impossible for them to laugh at you. This is way too true. If you acknowledge the fact that you messed up or did something embarrassing and own it, then how will anyone ever be able to hold it over you? They won’t. Nothing can embarrass you unless you let it embarrass you.

I think it is so important to have this mentality because you can't go through life always having a stick up you know where. How can you ever have fun like that? You have to be able to realize you are not perfect and you are going to mess up a little in life, but that's OK because you are awesome, anyways. When you laugh at yourself, you have already clearly shown that you're fully aware you had a little slip up but you’re just too cool so you don’t care and you can laugh it off. How will anybody be able to laugh at you when you have already laughed at yourself?

Being able to laugh at yourself is such an important trait to have because it makes you that much more likable. Um, hello, Jennifer Lawrence is the queen of this and people can't get enough of her. People flock to those who they know they can have a good time around and will make them laugh. So, go ahead and do whatever you feel like doing and who cares if you look silly along the way. The only people who would care are those are self conscious of themselves; we all have been told this before, it's not a new concept. Who cares what other people think of you? They aren't you and don't have to live your life everyday. If you're happy being a goofball everyday, then never change.

People take themselves a little too seriously sometimes and just forget to laugh. We've all heard the saying, "a day without laughter is a day wasted." And it's because humor just makes things a little easier for all of us and being able to make yourself the butt of your own jokes is even better. Who wants to be around someone who is serious 24/7? Not me, and probably not you, either.

A lot of the things that people constantly worry about, are not even going to matter in the long run. People (including me) should start prioritizing things that actually matter in life like family, God, education, and the relationships you have with people. Not the small and trivial things that have begun to consume our daily lives. These things probably won't even matter in a couple years so why even get worked up about it now.

So, don't take life too seriously because no one gets out alive, anyway.

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