Why It's Hard to Accept Who We Are

I guess we all have that fear of rejection and never being good enough. I know for me it's tough to accept me for me. I'm always comparing myself to other girls and wondering why I don't have as good of a body as them or why my skin isn't as tan other girls and it's hard for me to love the way I am.

It's not only hard for me but thousands of girls today go through the same struggle as I do. It's hard for girls in today's society to be okay with who they are and to not care what other people think about them. The honest truth is that it's hard for girls to love who THEY are.

When I look in the mirror at the end of the day, I always point out my flaws and what I need to fix about myself. I always see the bad instead of the good. I can never just be okay with the way I was made because I'm insecure, and society has made women out to be these perfect models like the ones we see in magazines, and girls try to live up to those expectations.

Those exceptions are too unrealistic. We all can't have the thinest body out there, we all can't have the straightest teeth, the best butt, the best boobs, the flattest stomach, we all can't have the "perfect" figure because we were all were made differently.

Society has made it out today that girls have to spend every dying moment on displaying themselves as the "perfect image" but why can't we just be happy with the way we were made? Why can't we be happy with all the fat rolls we have, or our crooked teeth, or even our five chins that we have? We were all made differently and I just wish we could all be happy with the way we were made because that's what makes every SINGLE person unique.

Everyone was made in their own special way and so what if they don't have the whitest teeth, the most tan skin, the flattest stomach, or the biggest butt. Why is it that we can't be happy? Well, because people will judge, and no matter how hard we try to make people stop judging, they won't because the world is cruel, and because it's apart of the imperfections in human beings today. That's exactly the reason why some people can't be happy. They will continue to be insecure, and continue to fear that they'll never be good enough and that's the sad truth.

But at some point when we get too tired of the judgement, and the mean words, we just have to say I don't care what the world thinks, and their cruel judgments. I love ME for ME. I love all the rolls on my body, I love my many chins. At the end of the day nothing else is going to matter. People's words aren't going to matter. What's going to really matter is the day you can honestly accept yourself with all your flaws and imperfections. Why? Because you're YOU. No one else can take away who you are today, no one else can be YOU, and that's such a special thing.

I accept myself.... Do you?

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