Why It Is Totally OK To Be Single On Valentines Day
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Why It Is Totally OK To Be Single On Valentines Day

Cupid rhymes with stupid.

Why It Is Totally OK To Be Single On Valentines Day

Bring out the pink fuzzy handcuffs. It is that time of year again. The day that couples book romantic getaways and fulfill their kinky fantasies. You got it: Valentine's Day. Usually, us single people shudder when seeing the cheesy teddy bears and boxes of chocolates staring at us through store windows. Going out in public on V-day? Forget about it. Who wants to see all those happy couples anyway.

But somehow through all of the pain, we manage to make it through this lonely holiday. How do we do it? Who f***ing knows?

Oh wait ....

Now, I know what you are thinking. We spend this holiday wallowing in our tears of desperation and mask the loneliness with pounds of chocolate. We constantly check our phones and secretly hate on our friends and their stupid Instagram pictures featuring heart eye emoji captions and their significant other. While this is most likely what I will be doing, many of us should decide to turn this holiday into a day of celebration. A day to celebrate all the single people out there in this world. Let us unite on this horrid Hallmark holiday.

Let us take a moment and think, why are we stressing out about not having a person to spend this "special day" with? Because, honestly, I'm just in it for the free food, but there are people who genuinely become depressed on V-day.

So here is a little advice if you're that person: one day there will be a person who you're meant to spend Valentine's Day with, heck maybe your whole life with. One day you will have someone to post stupid or cute Instagram pictures with and your single friends, well they will be secretly hating on you too. It will make up for all the other V-day's you spent alone wallowing in self-pity and it will totally kick every other V-day's a**. Be patient for your day. It'll come.

But don't forget that the best part of V-day is when it's finally over. When the shelves of candy are marked down by 60 percent or more and we can buy endless boxes of chocolate to indulge in. We can sit in our beds and pat ourselves on the back because we did it. We survived another lonely V-day. And of course, the best part of being single on Valentine's Day?

You don't have to share that large cheese pizza you bought for yourself.

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