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In 2016 there are a lot of technological advances that people in 1996 wouldn't have ever dreamed of. The world has changed drastically. Now there are television sets with screens thinner than a window and they even have apps on them.

One thing that has drastically changed from it's original model is the cell phone. In 2016 we have iPhone, Android, Windows, and Blackberry, just to name a few. I personally am team iPhone and I have a few reasons for this.

One reason I prefer the iPhone brand over any of its competition is the security the iPhone offers. Just recently Apple Inc. entered a legal battle with the United States because they refused to make an iPhone unlocker. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, basically said that he felt that, if such a tool was created, it would fall into the wrong hands and Apple Inc. refuses to risk their customers privacy.

Before this lawsuit, we also saw how Apple Inc. has made efforts to secure our iPhones and our iTunes accounts. First off, there is the Touch ID feature, which scans your fingerprint and makes your phone only accessible when your print is provided.

Apple also does double verification now. Basically, when you try to login into your iTunes account on a different device, a verification code is sent to your main Apple device. You have to enter this code on the secondary device before you can continue.

Some other phone companies have similar apps built into their phones or have apps available, but none of their fingerprint scanners can protect store accounts or credit cards in the way that Apple Inc. has done with Touch ID.

Some Android customers argue that iPhone lacks customization options and brag that Android cameras have more pixels. My response to this critique is this: the point of a cell phone is not for you to play with and customize. You can always update your iPhone with wallpapers, lock screens, app movement, live wallpapers, live wallpapers, and more. As for the camera complaint, let's be honest: megapixels aren't everything. iPhone 4's (which are now considered obsolete) can take a better photo than a Samsung Galaxy by far, even though the iPhone 4's only have an 8 megapixel camera. The iSight camera on the iPhone is created to give users the most beautiful photo possible for the time period in which it was built. Since iPhone was the first smart phone, it was always light years ahead in the camera department.

Another important reason I am on the iPhone team is that the company is so innovative. They always have something that helps me as a college student. My iPhone has very helpful calendars, reminders, Siri, and many other features that I use everyday.

Other smartphones creators are constantly running to catch up to the iPhone. The beautiful thing with the iPhone is that, unlike Android, the iPhone has the same software across all its devices. From the iPhone 3G to the iPhone 6s Plus, they all have iOS. Some features are added as you go up a generation, but at least you're not completely lost.

The iPhone also is literally the highest quality made phone in the market. Yes, they crack, but that's because Apple uses quality material such as glass and recycled aluminum instead of cheap plastic and fake glass.

The beauty of the iPhone is what originally led me to buy it. When the iPhone 4s was out, no other phone was as beautiful.

The iOS software that makes me stick with iPhone includes things such as iMessage, Photos, Camera, App Store and FaceTime. These apps are the apps that make iPhone so amazing. iMessage is like a chat on some type of built in messenger and it can be used simultaneously on iMac, MacBook, iPhone, iPod touch, Apple Watch, and iPad. It's universal to Apple products. Yes, this means you can text from your laptop in class.

Isn't it beautiful? Apple made a beautiful thing when they created the iPhone. It was the first of all the smartphones and since Apple hasn't said it I'll say it for them … Apple is “falsely imitated, never duplicated.” They are amazing and they are always one step ahead of the game.

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