What Your iPhone 6s Color Of Choice Says About You

In case you haven't heard, the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus are now available for pre-order, and Apple has mixed it up by making the phone available in a fun new color: rose gold.

According to the most recent polls, the new pink color is the most popular 6s color so far, leaving the usual favorite--gold--in the dust. In honor of the release of the new iPhone editions, here is a definitive description of what your iPhone 6s color of choice says about you.

Space Grey 6s:

If you go for a space grey iPhone, you probably actually truly appreciate and understand the technology behind it, as opposed to basing your decision almost solely on aesthetics like some of us. You probably stalked the internet for any and all information leading up to the release of this phone and pre-ordered it immediately. It's also possible that you think all of the other colors are too feminine for your liking, given that the space-grey is the only phone with a black front. The most likely reason however, is that you're a middle-aged dad and you really just couldn't care less about the way your phone looks.

Silver 6s:

There are only three reasons why a person would ever pick a silver iPhone: You don't want to appear too mainstream or basic by getting the gold one, or too plain by getting the black one, or they ran out of gold iPhones and you didn't feel like waiting any longer to get a new one. The last and most unlikely reason is that you actually prefer silver over all of the other colors, which means you are truly a rare human being.

Gold 6s:

If you go for the gold iPhone 6s, you want people to know that you're a little basic, but not too basic, and you have no problem being mainstream if the vibes are good. It's just trendy enough to say that you care about the appearance of your phone, but you're not buying into all of the rose gold propaganda. Gold is safe, gold is comfortable, you can never go wrong with gold, and you believe that you shouldn't change a good thing. You probably also go around telling people your thoughts on how overrated the rose gold color is.

Rose Gold 6s:

If you go for the new rose gold color, you're either a teenager or you are basic and proud. The pink phone is new, cool, and very trendy and you have no interest in anyone who tells you that it's not the best iPhone look yet. You probably also enjoy drinking pumpkin spice lattes while wearing your Uggs and telling your friends that you can't even right now. It may also be the case that you just have a very colorful, fun personality and welcome the new option, which you think is the most exciting thing since the 5c was released.

Any Color 6s Plus:

Honestly if you have a 6s plus, you are probably above the age of 50 and insist that you need a bigger screen because it's just too hard to type on the smaller ones. If you are not over 50, you should probably just give up and get an iPad because that is essentially what this thing is. If you already have an iPad or tablet of some sort and you STILL own one of these, then you just go ahead and do you while the rest of the world silently judges you, but simultaneously asks you to take the group pictures.

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