Through All The Negativity, 'The Incredibles 2' Reminds Us It's Okay To Feel Like Kids
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Through all the Negativity, 'The Incredibles 2' Reminds Us It's Okay To Feel Like Kids

Do you remember where you were in 2004?


"The Incredibles 2" movie has been rumored to be released for years, something we've all heard about at one point or another. From January of this year, I've had the released date marked on every calendar in my house. And I've made several advance ticket purchases for opening weekend and random dates throughout the month, in case I want to see it for a second, third, or fourth time.

I was filled with so much glee when I arrived at the theater. I was starting to feel like a kid again. I went to see it with my mother, the person who brought me to the original opening. Throughout the movie experience, she was confused about one thing the entire time: "I didn't expect to see so many adults here." I tried to explain it o her several times throughout the night, but it was hard to put into words how important it was that I see this movie.

But why wouldn't she expect that? "The Incredibles" came out in 2004, when most of us were still in kindergarten. Do you remember where you were in 2004? Because I don't. But I do remember growing up with the DVD always somewhere around the house. This movie was always a prime choice to watch during long class periods of testing days or when the class had pizza parties. You've probably seen this movie over 100 times in the past 14 years. Violet and Dash's superpowers were ideal for recess time when playing hide-and-seek or tag.

At the end of every credit roll, you always wanted to know what will become of the Incredibles - crossing your fingers for a sequel. And now, 14 years later, when you've grown up a little, that time has come. With those 14 years of our life passed, so much has changed with us and the things around us. We go to see that movie for a sense of nostalgia; to go back to a time when things were easy and stress was nonexistent. For those two hours, we're kids again.

But at the same time, we're present in ourselves. We're in an age group that can relate to at least one of the characters. Whether it's with Violet and her starting to date or it's ElastiGirl who is pulled in all directions as a mother and a superhero. Or maybe you feel like you're in close ties with Dash for his constant recklessness. Who knows, you could even feel like Jack Jack at a time or two when his powers, seemingly unknown, can soon be discovered as something plentiful and important.

In a time where college is hard, high schools no longer feel safe, global warming is increasing at an alarmingly rapid rate, and our president is currently separating children from their parents and placing them into detention camps at the southern boarder, we need a little nostalgia. So go buy a ticket and see the movie. Go and feel like a kid again.

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