Why I'm Thankful I'm My Father's Daughter
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Why I'm Thankful I'm My Father's Daughter

I was raised to be a blonde bat out of hell with a touch of sweetness and grace.

Why I'm Thankful I'm My Father's Daughter

I'm the oldest of four children. I'm by default protective, aggressive and assertive. It comes with the territory and label of first born, and I wear the traits well. However, with a father like mine, I was bound to exhibit such traits, first born or not.

My father is Spanish. That means he's loud, passionate and has a huge heart. Let me reiterate once again, my father is loud. The loud comes out when there's a bad play in my little brother's football game or when Tom Brady throws an incomplete. The passion is seen in the courtroom when he advocates for his clients as a civil defense attorney. His huge heart was on display when he cried during the father daughter dance at my cotillion.

I got my love for football from him. I got his love for the Lord. I got his facial expressions. I was the one he took hunting for our Thanksgiving turkey. I was the only one who would stay awake with him on the eight hour drive to our family ranch in the hill country. He taught me to not be afraid to stand on my own. He taught me how to be witty rather than malicious. Apologies to all my ex boyfriends because my father also passed down his love for a good argument as well as the knack of uncovering information to use as evidence in such arguments.

Because I'm my father's daughter, I knew how to stand alone when I was bullied in high school. Because I'm my father's daughter, I actually know what's going on when I watch football games. Because I'm my father's daughter, I know how to skin a deer if the situation demanded it. Because I'm my father's daughter, I have a clever comeback to pretty much any insult thrown at me.

I was raised to be a blonde bat out of hell with a touch of sweetness and grace. I'm 23 years old and I still melt in my father's arms every time I see him. I have my biggest smiles and loudest laughs when I'm around him. He's the only person I am okay sharing the center of a picture with. I will always be a daddy's girl and I make no apologies. I'm proud to be my father's daughter.

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