Why I'm Thankful For My Little Brother

When you think of little brothers, what do you think of? For me, I think of one of my greatest blessings. The adorable redhead that changed me from the baby of the family, to a big sister at age seven.

Now here we are, nineteen and twelve, and he’s still one of my favorite people in the world. Tonight we went on a sibling date, and I was reminded of how fast he’s growing up. My once baby brother is now in middle school and spent the evening talking about movies, music, school, and clothes. So this post’s dedicated to him. The boy with the big heart and the best smile in the world.

He’s always up for having fun

My little brother will never say no to hanging out with me, and I love that. He’s always down for a car ride, where we jam out to rap music, and have a complete karaoke/dance party. He’s always up for hikes with our dog, going shopping, or the obvious one- getting food.

He’s my unofficial sidekick

Let’s face it, as much as we’ve had to tolerate them, they’ve also had to tolerate us. How many times has my little brother went shopping with me, patiently waited in the dressing room, and then honestly told me what looked good on me. (I know, he’s an amazing brother!!)

He has taught me about patience

Little brothers LOVE to test your limits. They are great at being the most annoying person in the world, because they know exactly what drives you crazy. After all these years, I can honestly say thank you though. Thanks to my little brother, my patience has tripled over the years, and I’ve learned a few things about handling annoying people.

He has taught me so many things

Thanks to my little brother I now know more about cars, sports, and video games than I ever dreamed I would. Without him, I never would have become an ace at racing games, understood football, or learned what cars were “good” and “bad”.

He keeps me young

My little brother is constantly reminding me to remember my inner child. We laugh over stupid jokes, ride dirt bikes, chase each other around the house, and watch Disney movies. He reminds me that being joyful and young at heart is just as important as being mature and serious.

I’m so thankful for my little brother. For every moment that he is annoying, he’s also kind-hearted, funny, honest, tough, and smart. Getting to be his big sister has made me a better person, and I'll forever be thankful for him.

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