Why I'm Fed Up With "Relationship Goals"

Logging onto Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, photos of elaborate gifts or crazy vacations clog our newsfeed with the caption "relationship goals." We've all seen it, and we've probably all retweeted or shared a few. Today's relationships goals are based on two things: fiction and money. Wouldn't we all love to join our boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse on a getaway to Santorini, Greece, or a private island in the Caribbean? Sure. Wouldn't we love a chance to go skydiving together, receive a huge diamond necklace "just because," or give that special someone front-row tickets to their favorite band? Absolutely. But, frankly, that's not what a true relationship is like for the average couple. These relationship goals are unattainable and they create expectations for a relationship that can never be met. Celebrity couples or star athletes and their significant others incite the same reaction. Certainly, their relationships must be special. But why is our generation so obsessed with these extravagant dates, presents, and stories of romance?

To me, real relationship goals are those that can't be bought or sold. The goals I have for a relationship are simple and universal. I want someone who is kind. Someone who loves me unconditionally. Someone who cleans the house when I'm busy or sick, brings me my favorite flowers after a hard day, and gives the best hugs any day of the week. I don't need to have matching Mercedes convertibles or a Tiffany ring. I just need someone who loves me and makes me smile. Unfortunately, these simple things seem to be on the back burner in today's world. Everybody seems so obsessed with having the best, most Instagram-worthy relationship. When you get caught up in the material side of it, love gets lost along the way. If someone is pampering you or treating you to the best of the best, does it really matter if they're smart, joyful, or genuine? To a lot of girls (and guys!) today, it might not. This is what makes me sad about love in our world.

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