Why I'm An Adult Who Watches Children's Movies

Why I'm An Adult Who Watches Children's Movies

Some say it's for the adult jokes, some say it's for the characters. Either way, enjoy the children's movies until the day you die.


As a kid, we always want to grow up; we want to be older than we are because we think adulthood is peaches and roses. When we get to said adult years, we regret fighting nap time and we miss the times where we weren't paying bills, working multiple jobs, or getting our heart broken. Something we may never grow out of is children's movies. You see it in the theaters all the time, grown adults going and seeing children's movies. Why? There's something about the children's movies that bring us back to our childhood, remind us of the innocent days, and allow us to forget about our adult problems for a little while.

The children's movies teach us lessons that we might not have understood as kids. As adults, our brains have grown and allowed us to understand a much deeper meaning behind these movies.

These movies have sexual innuendos and adult humor which make the movie 10 times better than when we watched them as a kid. We all had that time as a kid where we were watching a movie and our parents chuckled at a part we didn't think was funny or the movie we watched years later and picked up on a joke we didn't catch before because our minds have changed.

Sometimes, we just like to feel like a kid again. Whether it's a movie we've seen a million times since we were a kid, or a movie Disney just released in theaters, watching a cheesy animated film we know is going to end in a happily ever after brings us back to our childhood.

Let's be honest, the characters are just so dang cute. From the big heads and facial features, to the awkward movements they make, to the phrases they say, these characters are the definition of adorable.

Most of the things that happen in these films don't make sense: six-year-olds shouldn't be driving, children shouldn't be left unattended for the whole movie, animals can't talk, and countless other events that don't occur in the real world. But that's just it, we don't always want to watch movies with realistic events.

It's perfectly acceptable to walk into a movie theater and get a ticket for whatever children's movie is playing (especially if it's Disney or a sequel from when you were a kid). Don't be ashamed to watch the children's movie and relive your glory days as a kid!

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