Ever since a young age I enjoyed writing. I specifically remember one creative writing assignment in which I wrote my first descriptive paragraph about how to build a snowman. I know you might be doubting my credibility in recalling this exercise, but it truly did stick with me. I remember trying to think of every possible detail that might be important as if the reader had never seen snow before. This is one of the first times that I realized I liked to write. I continued to foster my writing skills throughout high school where I mostly focused my time on writing rhetorical analysis papers or current events. It wasn't until I joined the online newspaper at my high school that I realized what I really liked to do was creative writing. I loved the freedom that came with it and was able to develop a personal writing style. When I moved onto college I knew I wanted to continue writing but didn't know how. Then, I heard about The Odyssey Online.

When going through the college application process I remember sifting through the internet to find articles about each school I was considering. I also looked at the ones warning college freshmen of what not to do and the articles that listed the essentials for dorm life. I didn't realize until I was a few articles in, that they were all written on the same platform; The Odyssey Online. I remember thinking about how cool it was that students from all over the country got to participate in an online forum and freely shared their ideas with the internet. Looking back on it, I don't think I ever thought about the possibility of myself writing those articles one day.

Now, I sit behind my computer typing into the Odyssey Post Editor as a member of Villanova's Odyssey team. I am so happy and grateful that I became involved with this online community. I have been able to grow creatively and professionally, all while being involved on campus with something I love to do. Although it is sometimes difficult to keep up with weekly article deadlines, the experience that comes with being part of this community is worth it all.

I like to sit in my bed at night, take a deep breath, and block out my stress as I take to my keyboard. I like to brainstorm about article topics with my friends. I like the feeling of accomplishment I get when I hit the "submit" button. I like writing articles that help or connect with others.

Most of all, I like that I have a platform to freely express my ideas and continue to write creatively without the restraints of a rubric or topic guide. The writing portfolio that I am building on The Odyssey is something that will serve as a digital memory book of my progression through college and will continue to remind me of something I love to do. This is why I write for Odyssey.