10 Reasons Every Girl Should Live Alone At Least Once In Her 20s
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10 Reasons Every Girl Should Live Alone At Least Once In Her 20s

Dancing solo in your kitchen is truly liberating!

10 Reasons Every Girl Should Live Alone At Least Once In Her 20s

Moving out of my sorority house and into my one-bedroom apartment was probably one of the scariest things I have ever had to do. If asked how I felt about this change at the time I would automatically respond with, "I am SO excited" but honestly, I was terrified. I was going from living in a house with 70 girls to living all by myself.

Here are 10 things that I learned when living alone that make me think everyone should experience it at least once!

1. You learn how to be comfortable with silence.

The most important thing I learned from living alone is being comfortable in my own skin, even when no one else is around. Becoming comfortable with silence is a strange, yet useful thing. Living alone made me feel more equipped to do things like go to the grocery store alone and even eat alone. Instead of being filled with anxiety about going places alone, I felt confident!

2. Budgeting!!

Money. It's stressful, hard to manage, and just an all-around uncomfortable topic. However, living on your own will really help you plan out when to pay bills, how much you need to spend on groceries, and what ever else you need/want to spend money on!

3. It's a judgment-free zone.

You can dance around naked all you want, no one cares because it's just you! You can eat whatever, watch whatever, and just do what makes you you.

4. To clean or not to clean.

We're all a little messy sometimes. However, when you live alone you can really gauge how messy you actually are. It can put into perspective how much more (or less) you should be cleaning.

5. You have the freedom of privacy.

Your space, your life. No need to feel like you need to share anything you do with anyone.

6. All the food in the fridge is yours.

Yep. That's right. It's all for you! No more labeling food or wondering where your leftovers went.

7. The TV is also yours.

You can stream Friends for the 20th time with no judgment or anyone asking you to get off. That TV is yours, so use it!

8. You don't have to apologize for emotional breakdowns.

You can ugly cry all day long, in any room of the house, without feeling like you're being annoying.

9. Yes, you can have a pet.

You can get any pet (as long as the landlord allows it)! Get a cat or dog or any other little pal to roam around with you and be your new best friend.

10. Every day is a YOU day.

Above all else, every single day is a YOU day. So lay around, dance, eat, and just have fun because living alone is a once in a lifetime opportunity that everyone should take!

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