Why I Hate Tinder.

Tinder is the largest dating app on the planet for a good reason. Tinder connects people all around the world, with over 8 billion matches made, an average of 26 million a day. Every single sexuality, nationality, gender, and age can find someone to love. Above that, we know that over 35% of the user basis of tinder is in the college-age of 18-24 years old. All of this combined leads to a large fest pool of young college student's from campus to campus swiping on all the people around them. Whether looking for a quick hook up or the love of your life, Tinder is a staple on the phone of college students all abroad.

I, like most college students, have used tinder to try to find love. As a lesbian, Tinder has been a very interesting experience. The swimming pool of Tinder matches is filled with closeted women, couples looking for fun, men who pressed the wrong gender and so. many. underage. women. Although sometimes, you think you found a girl that you can really get behind. Not be like "You" star Joe Goldberg, but when this small opportunity arises I start to look at their entire profile as a whole. You start to look at every picture, word, and Spotify artist to come into what might be the right person to talk to. With being in a same-sex relationship, I also have to think of logistics. Does her type match mine? Is she a gay who might have dated a friend of mine? Is she the type only for a hookup?

Eventually, all of these line up in an astrological masterpiece and you happen to find someone you like. Their look fits your type, their humor fits yours, and you swipe right... and they do too. DO. NOT. PANIC. Its time to talk. You send a witty question, and she sends back a cute response. You talk about a plethora of subjects, Everything goes smoothly and before you know it you're getting ready for a date.

I have gone on my fair share of bad Tinder dates. Everything from an "I love you" in the first 15 minutes to someone asking to plainly fuck in the back of a car after a movie. Everyone has a different taste, and it would be rude to judge anyone for their decision on how a date should go. But it all boils down to one crucial fact of Tinder- you do not know someone just from a simple conversation and some pictures online. No matter how much a conversation might sound amazing online, you have to remember that is the type of perfect that person is trying to portray. Every picture is at their best angle, every joke has been thought of for minutes, and every question has probably been asked dozens of times. You never know the authentic person until you see them in person, and that is why Tinder has never worked for me.

Tinder is a great app for some people coming together trying to find the right person for them, and so many relationships are made from it. Some people find exactly what they're looking for in those relationships, for a night or for a lifetime. Just remember- if it seems to good to be true, it might just be.

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