Why I Decided to Join a Sorority
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Why I Decided to Join a Sorority

And an abundance of reasons you should too

Why I Decided to Join a Sorority
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When I was in high school I never saw myself as the kind of person to join a sorority, that just didn't seem to be the fit for me. Going to college that changed one night when my roommate and I decided to go out for recruitment at the local sorority on our campus at Missouri State. This spur of the moment decision is what led to so may great memories that I was able to have while on our campus.

One of the things that drew me to Xi Omicron Iota was that fact that it fostered a diverse group of girls. They did not just embody this in their demographics but also in the way they operated. Everyone was accepted for who they were, there was no pretending to be the "perfect" version of ourselves. We came as we were and found those people that we connected with. Our sorority was a family.

The choice on which sorority to pick can be really tough especially with how many there could be on a big state University campus. There are 3 big things to look for: sisterhood, philanthropy, and what you wish to get out of it.


Sisterhood is the biggest thing that you want to look for when choosing which one to join. While you will not have an instant connection with every girl in the group, it's important to find a sorority where you click with a lot of them because that will indicate how well you get along in the long run. The connections you make here should be ones that last a lifetime; bridesmaids, coworkers, and the closest friendships will be made here. Sisterhood is one of the core values of my sorority because we understand just how important it is to have girls that will be there for you whether its the hard times, 2am taco runs, or study sessions in the library. When I asked the girls in my sorority why they joined, Peyton Bracci said, "I joined because I wanted to be surrounded by a group of strong, unique, and amazing girls that I knew would always be there for me.". Sisterhood is the key thing to look for when choosing to to join a sorority and which one.


As I will talk about it my next section there are different types of sororities you can join. For Greek Life, Philanthropies are a huge part of what they do. Each sorority will have a specific organization that they will spend the year raising money for. For mine it was the Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks which helps women dealing with and paying for cancer treatment, something very close to me since I have family members who have died from breast cancer. Finding a sorority with a philanthropy that fits along with your ideas is important! You don't want to spend a year advocating for an organization if you don't believe in their cause or mission.

What Do You Want From Them? 

Knowing what you want to get out of your experience in a sorority is a crucial thing to think about before deciding on which to join. As mentioned before, there are different types you can join. There are the groups that are a bit more well known and participate in Greek life events, ones that focus more on a certain major or minor you might have, co-ed ones for specific talents or interests such as music or honors, and ones for athletics. Knowing which type you want to join is the first step in knowing where to look. For Greek life, you are going to attend events such as national recruitment or other school hosted events whereas for scholars or talents you are invited or hear about them through classes. Personally, I wanted to be apart of a sorority that would give me opportunities to participate in school events and get to know more people since I was going to an out-of-state college. I think my friend Ga'Nea Jones explains it best when she says, "I felt completely alone at college. After a while these are the women you cry with, laugh with, smile with, and feel the most empowered by." For her, like me, it was about finding a group of women I could connect with on different levels to create my own family away from family and friends back home.

Choosing to join a sorority is a big decision, but it is also one that can greatly impact your life if you allow it. Search until you find a group in which you see as your family. If you can't seem to find a place where you belong, make one. Follow in the steps of the founders of Xi Omicron Iota, where they decided in 2002 to make the first local sorority at Missouri State in conjunction with what they valued.

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