Why I Hate "The Big Bang Theory"
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Why I Hate "The Big Bang Theory"

I don't really hate anything, however. This show is something I despise.

Why I Hate "The Big Bang Theory"

I am a geek, nerd, de-weeb, whatever you want to call me. I love to listen to "Weird Al" Yankovic, I only read comic books outside of class, I play video games retro and new, watch sci-fi movies, watch "The Nostalgia Critic" weekly on YouTube, and I kind of like "Star Wars." That's actually a lie, I love "Star Wars." I own the all seven live action movies, "The Clone Wars" cartoon theatrical movie, the weird cartoons and Ewok specials from the 1970s-1980s, "The Holiday Special", a few toys, the Sphero BB-8, and a lot of shirts.

Why do I bring this up? Because if you have not met me at al,l just by my likes, then you would associate me with one of the characters from "The Big Bang Theory".

The the four main "nerds" in "The Big Bang Theory", Leonard, Sheldon, Raj, and Howard, have all the traits of a "nerd" or "geek" from the 1980's that even Steve Urkle is saying he wants his likeness back. They are not the first bad depiction of nerds in media, but they are the biggest offenders of it as this is one of the most popular shows on TV right now; making us nerds look bad.

Let start with the "funniest" character of the show, Sheldon Cooper. Sheldon is depicted by the hack writers of the show as egocentric, judgmental, and only saying "Bazinga". He often makes fun of Howard for not being a "real scientist". In the season three premier of the show, Sheldon finds out that his experiment is a failure, Penny helps cheer him up by referencing the 2009 reboot of "Star Trek". How does Sheldon react?

Howard lives with his mom. He also has a lot of toys in his room and is constantly failing with the ladies. Oh boy that's so funny right? Even though, a lot of people with there parents for financial reasons.

Raj can't talk to women unless he has alcohol in his system and oh boy, does he have some feminine things about him.

Leonard is the only one who comes close to being an actual good depiction of what a nerd is. However there is only one thing that doesn't make him an actual character. The references to "geek culture".

I am talking Dungeons and Dragons, "Star Trek", "Star Wars", Marvel, DC, video games, and anime among many things you would find nerdy. And that's their biggest "punchline". Making references to "geek culture" for a cheap laugh.

What was the punchline? I want to forget Ben Affleck as Daredevil. That's not a joke. This is how you make a reference to nerd culture and make it funny. If the writers had Penny mistake Spock for being in "Star Wars", they characters would have a 10-minute rant of how she was wrong. They would also say that "Han Shot First", debate the best "Star Trek" captain, who is the best Green Lanter, and other classic nerd debates. This will go on for a few minutes, or in fact a "running gag" throughout the episode. I make references and get into debates, but the thing is, I make it at the right moments.

I make jokes, but that's not the only "joke" they make.

In fact, the special appearances on the shows are only from geek culture. Bruce Campbell, Ash from "The Evil Dead" trilogy, hasn't been on there yet. They, however, are on the show to say "we are in your favorite movie or show". The best cameo and only good part of the show was when James Earl Jones was on the show.

That's it. They acknowledging that it is probably not fun to hang out with your icons. Otherwise, it's they "Hey, you were in this, you are awesome!" and followed by "So in..., you were..., but how is that possible when..."

But they are only depicting classic nerd. The high wearing pants, glasses with tape around them, button up shirt, pimples, and pencil protectors

That is not what we look like. This is what we actually look like.

Yeah, we look like a normal person.

So, should you stop watching the show? No, if you want to watch the show, go for it. Just know that we are nothing like the characters on "The Big Bang Theory" and that this kind of stereotype needs to stop.

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