I have always been known to have really long hair and do not get me wrong, I love having long, wavy hair. However, I do not want to be known as the "girl who always has long hair." My long hair was also getting hard to upkeep with - it took forever to brush, longer showers, knots for days, etc. I just do not have the patience right now in my life to keep up with my long hair like I have had to do in the past.

Now, it may seem strange but I also became extremely "attached" to my long hair because even though I have had my hair cut in the past, I would always end up growing out my hair. I also wanted a change in my life. This year has been a roller coaster for me - while it has had its ups, the downs overpower the ups. I thought that when I enrolled in college, that people would be nicer because we are older and should act like adults. Apparently, this message does not transcend well with others because I feel as though I sometimes interact with people who are still stuck in high school. I do not care for drama, nor do I like it when people talk badly about me behind my back OR to my face. But other college students CRAVE this because bestowing misery upon others is fulfilling and entertaining for some people. Let me just clarify that while I would love if everyone were friends with each other, it would be a perfect world. This world is not perfect nor will it ever be. With that being said, if people could act like decent human beings that would suffice.

As someone who is always trying to make others happy, I have started to realize that some people are too immature to understand that what they say can sometimes hurt ones feelings without them knowing. With that being said, this haircut was also a psychologically symbolic for me as a way to cope with trying to not care what other people say negatively to my face. At first, I thought I should cut my hair to determine if someone who was not fond of me would alter their opinion of me if I changed my appearance. I came to the conclusion that if I wanted to cut my hair, it should be because I wanted to fully accept myself for who I am, and also cut it to deal with negative people "in" my life.

I also wanted to lighten my hair because my life at college can be busy and hectic so this was a reminder for me to stay delighted and lively. So far, I have been enjoying the length and color of my hair and will hopefully continuing this new look for quite some time. As for the other reasons as to why I cut my hair, I'm just taking things one step at a time to remind myself to stop worrying about people who should not heavily matter in my life (i.e. they are not my family or close friend of mine, etc).