You’ve heard the quotes and the songs that say “Two is better than one." We always assume that means significant others because it seems like every song these days is about love… but to me, I think of my two best friends. It’s such an amazing feeling to have a best friend/soulmate in your life. They are your rock, your person, your sister and you already know they’ll be standing up there with you when you get married one day in a pastel colored dress as the maid of honor. I’m lucky enough to say that I have two people. I have two beautiful souls to call my rocks, my people, my sisters and my two future maids of honor that are going to plan me the best bachelorette party together. Some people always say that groups of three don’t work… in my eyes, I wouldn’t want it any other way. My terrific trio is one of the best parts of my life.

You have two other families and homes.

It’s no secret that when you’re best friends with someone, you become a part of their family. When you have two best friends, that means two other second families, two other houses to spend a countless amount of hours at and two other pantries to raid. It's also totally normal to be at both of these houses when your friend that lives there isn't.

That also means two other closets.

When you try and plan out outfits for events, you automatically take your best friend’s clothes into consideration. No question. Having three closets to choose from gives you so many options. And are you really best friends if you return their clothes in a timely manner right after you wear them?

You can sing the “Three Best Friends” song at any point.

“We're the three best friends that anybody can have!”

The best friendships on TV come in threes.

You guys can each get a nickname from a television trio. My best friends and I do this at least. Some of the cutest friendships come in groups of three in the world of television. For example: Danny, Joey, and Jesse from "Full House", Miley, Lily and Oliver from "Hannah Montana", Raven, Eddie and Chelsea from "That's So Raven" and Peyton, Brooke and Haley from "One Tree Hill".

Someone is always available to cuddle or go out.

No matter what you're in the mood for, you always have a best friend by your side since you have two of them. Everything is better when all three of you are together of course, but if one of you can't hang out, you will most likely have someone. Whether it's a night in with movies and food or getting dressed up for a night out, one of your best friends will always be down for whatever.

Theres a majority vote on everything.

If best friend #1 and #2 want sushi and #3 wants chipotle, you'll end up eating sushi. Decisions are always made faster when there are three of you.

Triple Dates.

Forget double dates. When you have two best friends, triple dates are the way to go. And then eventually when the guys are out of the picture, you'll be at ease knowing that you'll always have your two main girls by your side.

Your three personalities balance each other out.

No matter how alike you and your best friends are, no one person is completely and exactly the same as another. In a trio of three you have the mom, the rebellious teenager and the little kid of the group. You also might have the overly emotional, the overly tough and the overly content. No matter what the combination is, the three of you blend well together and you help make each other stronger and better.

You have two people in your corner.

Having a person that you know isn't going anywhere that understands you in the deepest way is the best part of having a best friend (it sounds like I'm dating them, promise I'm not) and having two of those people is even better. The three of you are the terrific trio, the three musketeers and everyone knows that you are a package deal. If you go somewhere with a group, there is a 96% chance they will both be by your side. You're basically a package deal for life. Two people is a friendship but three is a family.