Why Grandparents Are Forever
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Why Grandparents Are Forever

They are like the ocean.

Why Grandparents Are Forever

Grandparents are like the ocean, calm and peaceful with the power to ease and pull the thirsty sand around them. With one word, they can send waves ashore and back in again. They are forceful with a gentle smile and wise beyond their years. An endless sea of uncharted knowledge with enough experiences to travel from one continent to the next. Their love is as deep as the deepest depths of the ocean, too vast to comprehend. Their love is silent with a rumbling roar as it crashes down upon you. Their soft touch consumes you as they pull you in close. They never let you go.

Grandparents are like the ocean connecting us to one another. They keep us together no matter how rough the waters may get. With one sweep of a current, they can change the course of events. When the lightning strikes and the thunder cracks, they know how to settle the storm. They steer their ships in the right direction. Some may lose control of the wheel and venture far into the unknown. Their ship may drift away from land. That does not mean they are gone forever. The ocean will be their way home.

Grandparents are like the ocean because even when they are gone, their souls still move you. You can still feel their presence in the salty air. You can hear their voice in the sweetness of the wind brushing up against your face. Their waves sway you back and forth. Maybe a tidal wave hit and suddenly they were gone. They were taken too soon and you are left to wonder why the tides never brought them back. You may cry out to them, pray to them and ask them for help. You may still be confused and hurt, but grandparents are like the ocean because they are eternal and so is their love.

Grandparents are like the ocean. They watch you grow up and teach you how to navigate the big waves life throws at you. They let you float when you need a break from treading. They hold you up. They push you to swim when the waters get rough. Without them, all the water in the world would run dry because grandparents are like the ocean, and the sun rises over them.

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