Everyone has different experiences and expectations of college. The location of your school, the student population, and the activities and clubs you are in all have connections to their college years. Midway through my junior year I can say with confidence that freshman year was the best year so far. I have concluded that there are two major reasons why the first year of college is the most fun. These reasons can also serve as a recipe to ensure every one of your college years is both educational and enjoyable.

The first reason freshman year is the best is that everything is new. As we moved into our rooms for the first time, leaving our parents supervision, we realize that this is the beginning of our independence. It is the first time we will not be under a parents’ or guardians’ roof. We have the freedom to make our own choices, like whether or not to go to class or clean the room. Also bigger choices such as, what we want to do for a career. Although we can never recapture the complete new feeling from freshman year, we can focus on always trying new things each year. Juniors and seniors can give themselves the challenge of eating in every restaurant in their college’s community. Or challenge themselves to join a new club each year. New experiences don’t have to end after freshman year.

As a freshman, college is simple compared to the following years. During my first year of college, my day consisted of class, practice, homework and relaxing with friends. The majority of first year college students do not join clubs or organizations, and if they do, they are not the leading officers which would require much more time and commitment. Freshmen do not have to worry about declaring a major, they can focus on taking general education requirements where all the classes are basically picked for them. The simplicity of freshman year allows them to relax and focus on the positives and newness of college. They don’t have worries such as internships and knowing what they want to do after graduation yet. The first year may not be easy, but it is not complicated either.

As I look back at freshman year the memories of relaxing in friends’ room watching Netflix come to the front of my mind. The times I went to my first college parties with teammates, or the nights without sleep spent in the library during finals week are times that will not be soon forgotten. Everything was new freshman year so every experience pushed me out of my comfort zone, and for that I’m thankful. My days were hard adjusting to the new college life, but I still found time to relax in the simple joys of friends and cartoons. I wouldn’t change anything about my freshman year.