I just spent the past few days in Vermont, otherwise know as the “Green Mountain State.” I have been coming to this state almost every Winter since I was very little, and every time I get here, I see how beautiful it really is.

Our country, currently, is going through the most devastating environmental issues it has seen in a long time. But what makes Vermont so environmentally friendly is the fact that the state is a protected national forest. 416,000 acres of the state are taken up by this national forest. With it being protected, the wildlife, water, and vegetation are safely watched, making sure nothing is harming their environment. Since the state is all forest, the entire state is taken over by beautiful scenery that looks amazing all year round. Also, giving numerous outdoor activities to everyone, such as finding hidden waterfalls, hiking through the trees, rock climbing, and skiing.

Along with making the state the national forest, everywhere you go, there are multiple bin garbage cans. It’s one long bin that separates the different types of garbage; food scraps, recycling, liquids, and trash. This is a way to organize each of the garbage people throw out every day, and an easier way for people to begin to recycle more.

Vermont is also a very artsy state. Every town has numerous art sculptures, all made of recycled materials. Also, throughout some towns are covered bridges, one of the many things Vermont is known for. Each one is uniquely built and fits in with each town that has them.

When I visit Vermont, it’s always for the same reason; skiing. Sugarbush, Stowe, Smuggler’s Notch, and Killington are just a few of the popular resorts in the state that bring in a ton of people each season. Each resort is located in the national forests, making the skiing experience exciting as you’re in the trees on every run.

Even great foods come from Vermont such as the amazing Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and Cabot Cheese. The Ben & Jerry’s factory is something everyone loves going to and the tour is great. Seeing how they make each ice cream is so interesting. And, more importantly, the best part is the ice cream at the end, my favorite being Chunky Monkey.

Being born and raised in New Jersey has definitely been amazing and it will always be my home. But after every visit to Vermont, no matter what time of year it happens to be, I always end up leaving but wanting to stay longer. For the reasons I've written above, Vermont is one of my favorite places in the world.