8 Reasons Why I Love UVM

Next week, I will start my junior year at the University of Vermont (yikes) and as I am packing up to head back up to good old BTV, I realize that there are so many things I love about UVM and so many reasons why I love coming back. Here are some of the many reasons why I love to call Burly my home.

1. The community spirit

I don't know what it is about Vermont but everyone is always so happy and welcoming. Coming from New York, I remember as a freshman thinking that Vermont was like some magical fairy land where people only fought over whose apology was more required.

2. Everyone's love of being outdoors

There is absolutely nothing like the first nice day in the spring in Burlington. Everyone comes outside to play frisbee and even if is only 50 degrees, almost no one will be wearing shoes.

3. The Bailey/Howe Library

I know I will regret saying this in about three weeks, but I actually enjoy the library and come to find I miss it. I miss Speeder and Earl's coffee and even the silent third floor. I have found that sometimes the library is all you need to feel a little bit more at peace during a busy day.

4. City Market

City Market is like a Vermonter's heaven. I find that when I go into City Market for one thing, I leave with 100. It's like the Target that Vermont never had.

5. College Street

I'm not sure there is anything better than the feeling of walking up College Street on a really nice day. In the fall when the trees are changing color and the temperature is finally bearable enough to walk up the hill, College Street is home to my favorite view of campus and I feel the most at home in that moment.

6. Mr. Mike's

This one speaks for itself, I miss the buff chick like I miss part of my soul when I am away from Burlington.

7. Classes

Call me a nerd but I love coming back to classes. You're there to get a degree right? After taking my online class this summer, I am definitely craving some type of lecture in my life.

8. My friends

Shoutout to the homies, UVM is home to the best of them.

Whether you're coming back for your last year or starting your first day of freshman year, Burlington is a special place and it makes me want to die a little knowing I am half way through. I'm coming for you, Burly.

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