Why Everyone Should Have A Finsta
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Why Everyone Should Have A Finsta

Finstas are revolutionizing our social media and I fully support it.

Why Everyone Should Have A Finsta

The hottest thing on the social media streets is the "Finstagram" or "Finsta", which Google defines as "a student's second Instagram account that is used to post silly pictures". I can already hear the adults asking "Why the need for a second account to post even more pictures?", so here's the rundown. A person's main Instagram account is strictly used for posting your best and most like-worthy pictures. I mean, these pictures are basically the cream of the crop. On this account, you post the selfies with the best lighting, the pictures of you and your friends before a night out, and let's not forget the place where you post the first official pic with your new bae. Also, you let anyone and everyone follow you on this account because you have to create the most opportunities to get those "mad likes" (mad likes being anything over one hundred). Now, a finsta is basically the complete opposite.

Finstas are a person's social media safety zone. They are like that weird fetish you have and you want to keep it yourself at all times. The average finsta post is nothing like the average insta post if you're catching my drift. On this account, you post all the pictures that you really really want to share but you know that if an employer looked you up and saw it they would instantly end the interview and most likely report you to the authorities. These pictures range from drunk pictures that you don't remember taking to extremely graphic selfies that you took after 3 days of not showering. You can post pretty much anything on your finsta, however, I would refrain from posting your nudes because even shitty millennials must have limits. Now of course, with all social media accounts there comes rules that we must follow as though our lives depended on it. So here are some rules of the finsta.

First things first, you only let your most trusted acquaintances follow your finsta. This prevents shady people from being able to send it in their group texts or from your potential boo thang from finding out what a complete psycho you really are. Secondly, your captions must always be funny and inappropriate enough that you wouldn't want your grandma to know you could even have those kinds of thoughts. The last and most important rule of the finsta is your username. This username must be clever but also be able to retain anonymity. Always remember, this account is the scum of Instagram so you don't want anyone of importance to be able to find it.

Finsta is probably one of the best social media phenomenons of our modern era. My finsta is my main entertainment source and I love it with all my heart. So, I encourage everyone (even you baby-boomers) to try out the finsta. I have and it is nothing but excitement. I would give you all my username, but that would be breaking the finsta constitution, so I will leave you all wondering. ;)

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