Why Everyone Wants Their Own 'Peter Kavinsky' Boyfriend
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11 Reasons Why Everyone Is Adding Peter Kavinsky To Their List Of Boys They've Loved

Where can I get a Peter?

11 Reasons Why Everyone Is Adding Peter Kavinsky To Their List Of Boys They've Loved

In "To All The Boys I've Loved Before," the book-turned- Netflix original movie, Lara Jean Covey's secret love letters to all her crushes get sent to them, so she pretends to date letter recipient Peter so that her sister's ex-boyfriend Josh won't suspect that she currently has feelings for him. Throughout the movie, Peter continually wins all of our hearts and eventually Lara Jeans.

1. He's hot

There have been many memes about Noah Centineo's glow up comparing his looks now to when he played Dallas on "Austin and Ally."

2. He respects her boundaries

When Lara Jean adds a rule in their relationship contract that they can't kiss anymore because she wants all her first experiences to be real, Peter agrees, and never pressures her into something she's not comfortable with.

3. The hand in the back pocket

Although Peter originally thought this was old-fashioned, this 'Sixteen Candles" inspired move was so cute when Peter spun Lara Jean around by her back pocket and the cafeteria and VSCO couples have even tried recreating it.

4. He brings Lara Jean out of her shell

She goes to parties with him and hangs out with his friends, whereas she used to spend her weekends watching TV with her little sister. Lara Jean's father and best friend both note that she's happier and more outgoing like she is with her family when she's with him. Mr. Covey liked that with Peter, everyone else got to know that side of her.

5. He's adorable with Kitty

Lara Jean's little sister Kitty thought he was cute the minute she saw him, and Peter managed to win her over after the three's first car ride. Also, even though he brings Lara Jean to parties he's also content staying home and watching a movie with her and Kitty.

6. When he was upset she didn't post about him on her Instagram, and about how he didn't sit with her on the bus

This should have clued Lara Jean into how he really felt!

7. The hot tub scene!!!

Everyone collectively screamed at this scene in which Peter reveals his feelings for Lara Jean and they make out.

8. He drove all the way across town to get Lara Jean's favorite Korean yogurt

Lara Jean: "...You must really like yogurt?"

9. Peter's a true gentleman

He defends Lara Jean's honor at school when everyone's talking about a false rumor that they had sex after a video of them making out in the hot tub got leaked.

10. All the notes he wrote to her

Kitty confesses to Lara Jean that she saved all of Peter's notes. LJ reads them aloud in front of her best friend Chris and her ex-crush Josh. Josh asks her, "Do you still think you haven't gotten a love letter?"

11. His kiss with Lara Jean on the lacrosse field

"I've always fantasized about falling in love in a field, I just never thought it be one where you play lacrosse" — Lara Jean

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