In a previous article, I shared why I think all seniors should make a senior bucket list to complete before graduation. A senior bucket list allows high school seniors to focus on the present moment and make unforgettable memories with their friends.

Now, here's 18 ideas for your own senior bucket list, Class of 2018!

Don't forget to be safe and HAVE FUN!

  1. Go on a road trip!
  2. Cheer on every varsity sports team at least once!
  3. Ask a celebrity to prom!
  4. Be exempt from final exams!
  5. Have a mini golf championship!
  6. Create your own scavenger hunt!
  7. Make it into the candid section of the yearbook!
  8. Get a retweet from the high school twitter account!
  9. Go skydiving after your 18th birthday!
  10. Participate in the Homecoming Week festivities!
  11. Complete a Color Run/5K!
  12. Wear your college sweatshirt on Decision Day!
  13. Have an epic dance battle at the senior prom!
  14. Play messy paint Twister!
  15. Have a movie marathon of classic high school movies!
  16. Create the perfect playlist!
  17. Take tons of pictures!
  18. Graduate!!

Congrats, Grads! The tassel will be worth the hassle!