15 Reasons Dogs Are SO Much More Than Our Pets

Even if you're not a dog person, I think you will come to realize how incredible these animals are. Here are 15 reasons why dogs are incredibly beautiful animals.

1. Dogs are so lovable and will love you back unconditionally. All it takes is your presence for them to light up and dance around the room.

2. Dogs may not understand exactly what you're saying, but they're always willing to listen.

3. Owning a dog or even just interacting with one is proven to reduce stress. Imagine having your own personal stress reliever!

4. Dogs also form a bond with their human like no other.

5. Doggies are so pure. So happy. Much joy. How could you not appreciate their enthusiasm for life?

6. Dogs have the funniest expressions! Unamused, ecstatic, sad (the classic puppy dog eyes), goofy.

7. Doggos are just good company, hands down. Go play fetch, go for a run, or just settle down and watch a movie together.

8. Dogs do their best to protect you fiercely, both from intruders and mental terrors.

9. Dogs give you a sense of purpose. Your dog depends on you and loves you. This is definitely a responsibility, but it is so worth it.

10. These creatures are physically beautiful! Their eyes and coats have so much character, and these are just a couple of their many features.

11. You learn so much from them. Dogs teach you to appreciate the little things and to live a simpler but more fulfilling life. They're wise and become wiser with age, let's admit it.

12. Dogs' loyalty remains undefeated.

13. Dogs are great cuddlers.

14. Dogs bring people closer together.

15. Not only are dogs beautiful in an awe-inspiring way, but they are so cute and precious!

They don't call dogs man's best friend for no reason.

We are so lucky to have dogs and, honestly, we don't even deserve them. Treat yours the very best you possibly can and have a blessed day.

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