Why I Do Not Support Bernie Sanders
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Why I Do Not Support Bernie Sanders

"Feelin' the Bern" sounds a lot more like experiencing an STD symptom than supporting a presidential candidate.

Why I Do Not Support Bernie Sanders
Calvin College

Quite frankly, not a single one of the candidates in the 2016 Election would be an asset to the United States. They all suck in their own, special way. However, in my own humble opinion, Bernie Sanders is arguably the worst of them all.

The former member of the Independent Party, now self-proclaimed democratic socialist, has gathered quite a number of followers. Many of which are millennials.

First and foremost, adding the word "democratic" in front of socialist does not mask the reality of the situation. A socialist is a socialist is a socialist, and here's a spoiler alert: socialism does not work.

Bernie Sanders' level of popularity has grown so rapidly due to the fact that he is extremely progressive. He is a man with a plan who loves getting millennials roweled up about his ideas. The problem is that his plans to fulfill his promises involve prospects that simply aren't realistic.

For example,

Below is a demand curve, please use it to reference the following argument.

Bernie is planning to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. According to this curve, as the price of output increases, demand decreases. It is a very simple equation: they are inversely, or negatively related. Basically, raising the minimum wage will decrease the quantity of labor demanded, consequently leaving many people jobless as companies will not be able to afford to keep all of their employees. Additionally, to support the price of production, the cost of output will increase eventually leading to hyperinflation.

My second argument from an economic standpoint are the tax increases. These are our current federal tax brackets.

Many of Bernie Sander's proposals, namely expanding social security, would require an even higher cap on taxes. Considering that the bracket pictured does not include state tax, many people are already having more than fifty percent of their income allocated to paying taxes. Second spoiler alert: you can't just reach into the pockets of the upper class.

Blaming the upper class and richer Americans for everything, namely our economic situation, is bogus. While there are the lucky few who were dealt a good hand and born into wealth, it is important to remember that no one acquired their fortune by sitting around and doing nothing. Someone worked hard to create a bright future for his or her family. Many corporations were even started by a person who came from virtually nothing.

Bottom line, "redistributing" wealth to people that money never belonged to in the first place is bull shit. A more proper term for that would be stealing.

As I mentioned, no one is perfect. However, some are better than others. When it's time to vote, consider all factors. Not just how many things you can get for free.

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