If You're Still Homophobic In 2019, Let It Go
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To All Of The Concerned Homophobic Individuals, Why Do You Care?

You can't be unbothered if you clearly can't mind your business.

To All Of The Concerned Homophobic Individuals, Why Do You Care?

I'm just going to start this article by saying it's 2019. Yes, 2019, a year where everyone can be themselves and not have to worry about hiding anymore. It's a year of being accepting and trying new things. Even though this society isn't the greatest, it's a lot better than how things used to be, like in the 1950s for example.

In the 2000s era especially, people have been more accepting of the LGBT+ community. However, there are still few people who have an issue with people of the same sex happily walking around and minding their business.

The thing is that no one knows what's right or what's wrong. But as a message to all of the "bothered" and homophobic people out there:

In what way do someone else's actions affect you, especially if they have done nothing to you? Stop forcing your negative opinions on other people just because you feel a certain way.

Seriously, no one actually cares and you sound bitter.

I always wondered why people are still homophobic in 2019. It may look "strange" to you, but that doesn't mean that it's your business to comment.

Some people feel like the LGBT+ community is being forced on them when it's really not. No one is telling you to be bisexual or gay. Let people be proud of themselves. If you don't like it, then just don't watch or don't make a big deal.

Those people that you are "disgusted" by are regular people like you. Someone else's preference shouldn't affect yours.

I also noticed little things, like straight men who always get worked up whenever they see a gay couple. But these straight guys the FIRST to be turned on when they see two girls kissing on TV (and let's not forget that's probably their go-to search option on porn sites).

I always thought that the people who show the most concern about LGBT+ were secretly interested themselves. I see transgender women getting brutally murdered by straight men just for being proud of who they are. The sad thing is that those men willingly pursue them and actually LIKE them, but as soon as they find out that the woman is transgender, all hell breaks loose. That's messed up.

What I'm trying to say is, why are you so concerned about what other people do if it has nothing to do with you?

Like I said in the beginning, it's 2019, and LGBT+ isn't not going away. It's not some passing trend. No one is asking you to march in parades or date someone of the same sex. No one is forcing anything on you. You just choose to think that way. This isn't the old times and you have to deal with it. Or just keep it to yourself, please.

Instead of writing this whole article, I should have just written one sentence... MIND YOUR BUSINESS.

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