I regularly get asked why I am always smiling. Much like Buddy the Elf, I absolutely love to smile. It is one of my most favorite things to do. I am the girl that always has a smile on her face no matter what. I don’t smile because I feel obligated to or because I think I have the prettiest smile in the world. I don’t smile because I am hiding my true feelings.

I smile to let the love and light of Jesus shine through me. I smile because I am truly blessed with the life, family, and friends I have. I smile because God sent his only son to die for me. How many fathers do you know that would willingly let their son die in your place? God sent Jesus to die for us because he loves us with all his heart, and Jesus died willingly for us because he loves us just as much as God does.

I smile to bring joy to others. A smile can make a huge impact on someone who is having a bad day, week, or month. A smile can change their mood in a heartbeat. Imagine if you were walking down the street having a bad day and some stranger passes by and smiles. You smile back being polite and you automatically feel better. A smile can just make someone’s day.

I smile because I have the best support system around. My parents love me unconditionally and push me to do my best. They work hard, so that I can attend my dream school. My sisters are my biggest fans and best friends. They even fight over who gets to spend time with me by themselves first. My friends encourage me to be myself around them and have stayed my friends, even after knowing how weird I am. My grandparents, aunts, and cousins always attend any event that I am in to show their support for me.

I smile because I am a naturally happy person. I honestly have no reason not to smile all the time. I smile whether I am talking to someone or if I am by myself. Chances are you will hardly ever see me without a smile on my face because I have so much to smile about. From my Lord to my support system, I have everything I need in life to be truly happy.