Why I Didn't Want To Write An Article This Week
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Why I Didn't Want To Write An Article This Week

Sometimes, I simply don't want to do the things I know I should.

Why I Didn't Want To Write An Article This Week
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Don't get me wrong, I love writing, but sometimes my brain just won't let me do it. Yesterday, my computer wouldn't cooperate, and this morning, I'm void of all creativity. I'm exhausted. I work nonstop with an inconsistent schedule, and I just moved into a new apartment.

I have been unpacking boxes for the past few days while also trying to make the apartment cute. I'm trying to make it clean enough to not be complained to while also getting the things I actually need to get done accomplished.

My one year anniversary is coming up. (By the time this posts it will have already happened.) I have to get a cute outfit and get my nails, hair, and eyebrows done. I also have to buy more things for this apartment because it seems that no matter how much I have, it's never enough, regardless of if it is by my standards.

You probably don't care. I don't blame you.

Why even submit an article then? Well, if you must know, my life is a never ending cycle of unexpected and usually annoying events occurring, so I feel that at this point, I should be more than able to at least write something, no matter how hectic my week has been.

There are things we feel we must accomplish in a week to have had a productive one, and this is one of mine. If I can keep my apartment clean, get to work on time, and write an article, I feel as if my week has been at least what it should be, regardless of how easy all of those things may seem to accomplish.

Look, I'm probably boring you right now, so maybe I should throw out a moral of some sort so that you at least find some purpose in reading this piece of garbage. Life kind of sucks, in case you haven't noticed yet; however, it's also kind of awesome.

I have a brand new apartment that is eons better than the last one, but moving into it is more of a pain than I wish it were. I have a job that pays me well for the small amount of things I have to do, but sometimes I just don't want to get up to go to it. I have the amazing opportunity to write articles that some people actually care to read, but weeks like these, I lack the creative energy to get anything worth reading down.

I guess the point here is, don't get yourself down if you feel like you should be able to do the amount of things on your to-do list but you simply can't. I can't always do it either, and everyone else is the same way, no matter how they may portray themselves.

Don't get yourself down. Either don't do it, or simply half-ass it, like I'm doing right now.

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