I'm sure you all remember when we were in middle school and YouTube was still pretty small. Every little gem we found was precious and we just had to share it with all of our friends. Whether it was Fred, Nigahiga, or even Charlie the Unicorn, we all loved sharing and seeing these videos. Among these videos emerged another YouTube channel, CollegeHumor. Their videos were edgy, explicit, and glorified the would-be us when we were in college. They may have been pretty low budget compared to their current videos, but it was just a bunch of college kids that got together and decided to make some funny YouTube videos together.

There was a key word in that statement. College. They were in college and we weren't. Now the tables have turned and the opposite is true. Their viewers are now the ones in college and the creators haven't taken a college course in years. Their company may have grown, but they are now strangely out of touch with their viewer base. The jokes they make are more based on hipster millennial culture instead of college stupidity, and unless you are a millennial living in L.A., I feel like it's really hard to relate or even understand some of their more recent skits.

An example of this would be one of their recent videos, titled "If Leaving Miitmo Was Like Leaving Facebook."

First of all, I had no idea what Miitomo was and I had to look it up. Miitomo is a social media app created by Nintendo (the game company) as a way to interact with friends using avatars. Not only was this obscure, the video in itself was just not entertaining. I have quite frankly become uninterested with the content this company produces and have stopped viewing their brand as I once did. I used to always know I could count on them for a good laugh, but now I just shrug in confusion while watching them.

I honestly don't think that this is something that can be fixed either. They've grown from their small college roots to a big millennial company and they see no reason to change. Why should they? If they are making money, who can blame them? I'm just sad to see another of my favorite childhood YouTube channels fading away due to them losing touch with what made them funny in the first place. COLLEGEHumor, not MillennialHumor.