College students should invest in Bitcoin

Bitcoin was founded in 2009. However, in 2017, the value of Bitcoin skyrocketed from $900 for 1 Bitcoin to an immense $20,000. CNN and many other news outlets ran stories on the many people that became millionaires from the investment.

Later, it crashed down to a measly $3000. Many thought that Bitcoin had seen its last day and that a rise above $5000 would not come to pass.

However, as of June 26th, 2019, Bitcoin's value is approaching $14,000. Some cryptocurrency followers hope it will reach or surpass it's former glory amount of $20,000.

Nonetheless, here are some facts about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

You can invest in Cashapp.


That's right. With dozens of songs and social media posts saying "Cashapp me," it is surly something you've heard about. Within the app, users can actually invest their funds into Bitcoin.

Forbes has featured countless articles on Bitcoin.


Recently, a crypto-currency and blockchain based writer was featured on Forbes in respect to the cryptocurrency reaching a high of $12,000. As the numbers on that article rise, so does the current amount that Bitcoin is worth.

There are only 21million Bitcoin.


Having this set number is what makes the value of Bitcoin rise and fall. Never will there be more of it available.

Microsoft accepts Bitcoin.


As well as Dell, Dish Network, and some places in Switzerland even accept it as tax payments.

Celebrities and other millionaires are investing.


In early 2019, a Bitcoin crash was caused by one "whale" or larger carrier buying out. It's estimated that the large investment grew and was cashed out at over $36 million.

Serena Williams also publicly announced that she has bought a substantial amount of stock in a crypto wallet called Coinbase that accepts Bitcoin.

Facebook is now creating its own cryptocurrency.


Facebook announced that it will be releasing its own crypto currency called Libra in 2020. It will be acceptable for payments in Messenger, Whatsapp, and with crypto wallets. With the biggest app on the planet standing up and creating its own cryptocurrency, surges in other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have been on the rise.

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