10 Songs That Represent Why Ciara Is Still Our Girl
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10 Songs That Represent Why Ciara Is Still Our Girl

A No CiCi slander zone.

10 Songs That Represent Why Ciara Is Still Our Girl

10. Ride
This simple song she paired with a simple music video of her solo dancing against a neutral background is a song EVERYONE can sing along to, struggle vocals or not.

9. Like A Boy
Before Beyoncé blessed us with the passive anthem "If I Were A Boy," Ciara dropped this gem for those who wanted a petty twist on the same situation. You're honestly lying if you claim to not at least know the "Can't be getting mad" hook.

8. I'm Gone
In all honesty, I was not a fan of this song until hearing Nicki Minaj's verses. In fact, this is the only track on this list that isn't a throwback and that's because Nicki literally went off. If Nicki was not on this track, I can't say I'd care for it, but without Ciara it would've never came into fruition so for that, thank you CiCi. I do like the music video though- whoever creative directed the futuristic all-white theme deserves a round of applause.

7. Oh
If you can't sing through the first verse word for word, don't ever try to come for Ciara. Not only is this one of my favorite songs by her, but the music video was literally a mass get together of people vibing with heavy ATL imagery and mild krumping.

6. Never Ever
This the anthem. This is the song you sing from mountain tops. This is the song you link your best friend or sibling or cousin to since they obviously don't comprehend the message when you're telling them. This is the song you honestly hope you can never relate to.

5. Get Up
When this song dropped... everyone knew it. Everyone was trying to make a choreography to it and when it played at the end of Step Up, we were all dancing out the theater.

4. So What
Technically this is Field Mob's song, but what would it be without Ciara? I bet even you credit Ciara for the song in general.

3. Promise
All jokes aside, I'm genuinely confused when people call Ciara irrelevant because this song really solidified her mark in music to me. To me, this video really is iconic. From the black sweats to the dancing with the leaning mic, to the pelvic swaying on the wall in sync with a whole line of girls, this video and song is an utter masterpiece.

2. 1, 2 Step
Dare I say this is Ciara's hallmark song? Drop any line from any verse, bet someone will finish it for you.

1. Goodies
This is what had us singing in falsetto before The Dreams' amazing hit came along. Petey Pablo's verses, the song's message, and the beat were so perfectly curated. Ask me about a good Ciara song to listen to and this for sure would be the first.

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