It seems as though in every dinner conversation I am having with family and friends, the upcoming election candidates are at the center. More specifically, how bad the upcoming candidates are. The conversations revolve around how bad our country is getting and how America is not the same anymore.

It is very depressing to hear this type of talk on a daily basis. Although this has nothing to do with my stance on the upcoming election, it has everything to do with my own observations of Christian’s fears and actions.

As the body of Christ, we really need to let God take control of this upcoming election and here is why:

God is bigger than the candidates.

I feel as though we Christians think God is only “so big.”

Christians, not only does He have America in His hands, but He has the whole world.

At least during conversations that I've observed, it sounds like Christian’s have given up hope for America—no matter what the election results are.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I do not believe we were called to this type of negativity.

Who knows what God could do through this election? Although it is important to keep a realistic mindset, it is also important to keep a positive focus on the ruler of the universe as well. God is bigger than anyone who runs for president.

He will not be surprised about the results.

God isn’t going to suddenly observe America and say, “Oh man, so-and-so won the election, didn’t see that one coming!” He already knows who the next leader of our country is going to be. So instead of worrying constantly about what the future holds, let's rest assured that God will not be surprised by the winner.

Although it is a stressful time for America, the one who has always been in control, will still be in control.

It’s not helping our reputation as followers of Christ to worry.

I am wildly disappointed in myself, as well as in other Christians, for our lack of faith throughout this process.

Aren’t we supposed to be a light in this time of darkness? Yet we are the ones demonstrating the most fear.

Christians are called to demonstrate their faith in all situations. So why aren't we doing so during one of the most important times our country has ever faced?

Now, having a faith of steel is easier said than done. Sometimes all I want to do is be paranoid about the future and complain. But what good is our negative conversation doing for this process?

It's not helping the situation at all.

We need to remember that God has not only our country but the entire world in His hands.

The same God who moves mountains, heals the weak, parts the seas and performed many other miracles, is the same God who knows the outcome of this upcoming election.

As Christians, we can't let our fear determine our attitude.

I challenge you to let go, and let God!