OK, we need to talk about Bob Ross.

You know... the older gentleman that had an afro and wore a lot of blue shirts?

Yes, him.

He was an amazing individual that deserves so much more recognition and here's why:

He was an amazing painter!

Too much talent for one human being.

He loved what he did.

He always made sure he had fun painting and he always invited you to do the same.

Whether you wanted to paint or not.

And it's actually liberating.

Bob not only taught you how to paint, but he also encouraged you to be who you wanted to be.

He always told you that you were in control of your life... I mean... painting!

Who knew I could restore years of destroyed confidence with just one episode?

This man was a philosopher and a painter all in one.

Not only that, but he loved nature.

And he never took it for granted.

He talked about the world in such a positive way.

He made up little stories for all of his paintings

And to be honest, it gives me life.

Bob really loved painting clouds.

And I can understand why.

He makes me want to grow up to become a cloud.

But I think is favorite thing to paint was a tree.

He makes me want to appreciate them more.

His admiration for trees was never ending.

Bob also admitted that he had faults.

But he knew that practice makes perfect.

And sometimes life requires a lot of practice

But he understood that sometimes you create some happy little accidents.

He was always reassuring you.

Bob encouraged your individuality and happiness.

He advocated for originality and pushed you to accomplish your dreams.

And even though you may have your rough days...

You will have your good days too, if you just believe in yourself.