Why Batman Is Better Than Superman

Why Batman Is Better Than Superman

The battle between superheroes.

With the upcoming release of "Batman v Superman," I have been thinking a lot about who is the better superhero. I know, it's like comparing apples to oranges; they are both great, but ultimately only one can prevail as the superior. In this case, Batman is the standout and for many reasons.

Unlike Superman, Batman has awesome gadgets. I grew up watching the Batman movies and one thing I always looked forward to was seeing the gadgets he was going to use against his enemies. His black leather suit was armed with a utility belt that held several of them. The batarang was one weapon that changed throughout the franchise. The computerized batarang was first shown-in the movies, at least, in "Batman Returns" and there has been several different versions in the other films. But, by far one of the coolest is the line launcher which allows him to get to other places. A villain is getting away? Well, they won't get too far when Batman uses his line launcher to get to them.

Another way for Batman to get around is with one of his many vehicles. The Batmobile, Batplane and Batcycle get him around on the ground and in the air. Yes, Superman can fly, but who wouldn't want to ride in the Batmobile?

Wayne Manor might seem like a normal billionaire's mansion, but housed underneath is the coolest space ever, the Batcave. This place holds everything that Batman uses. His various suits, his vehicles and the weapons that he uses are all held in this area. This is the ultimate superhero lair.

But most of all, Batman is better than Superman because he is more relatable. Sure, not all of us are billionaire playboys who fight crime in their spare time, but we are all human. Superman is an alien from another world. Batman had to overcome the murder of his parents and work towards his skills to relentlessly pursue justice. Even though by being human he has weaknesses that Superman doesn't have, his tenacity and the fact that he never gives up, despite those weaknesses, makes him the prevailing superhero.

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Our Leaders Need A 'Time-Out'

We all learned a few essential rules as children.


As I look watch the news, I can't help but wonder if the lessons we learned as children might not serve our leaders well. They seem to have forgotten these basic lessons. I am reminded of the book by Robert Fulghum "All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten."

Watch out, hold hands, and stick together.

I think this could be useful in a couple of different contexts. First, the current divisiveness in the country doesn't serve us well. We are first and foremost, a part of the family of humankind. Differences in politics, religion, and so on come in far behind that one important attribute. What happened to the notion of agreeing to disagree?

Second, when leaders get off a plane in another country, they should remember who they came with and who they represent - "watch out, hold hands, and stick together."

Clean up your own mess.

Trump seems to take great pleasure in blaming everyone else for their "mess." The government shutdown was someone else's fault – any Democrat. When the stock market went up, he happily took credit, but when it went down, he quickly shifted gears and placed the blame on the Federal Reserve Chairman. Daily and hourly tweets out of the White House place blame on someone else for his "mess." Sadly, he still likes to blame Obama and Hillary for his mess.

Don't lie.

Politicians have always had a bad reputation when it comes to honesty. Still, the number of lies that we hear from Trump (and members of his staff) is unprecedented even for a politician.

We all learned these lessons when we were little more than five years old. Now more than any time in history I think our leaders need a " time out" to re-learn these lessons.

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