An Open Letter to Donald Trump Supporters
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An Open Letter to Donald Trump Supporters

I have questions and you can answer them.

An Open Letter to Donald Trump Supporters

Before I begin, let's be clear: I'm not asking why you're a Republican. This is not about Republican vs. Democrat. This is an open letter to the people who are truly supporting Trump. If you have a hat with his slogan, a bumper sticker with his name, or you bubbled in his circle (or plan to) during the primaries, this is for you.

Dear Donald Trump Supporters,

I spend a lot of time asking myself, "Why would anyone vote for Donald Trump?" and "Who would do such a thing?" Instead of continuing to ask myself these questions, I have decided to turn to the real fans. Statistically, there are quite a few of you out there. Feel free to chime in. Inquiring minds want to know.

First off, what appeals to you about Donald Trump? Is it his practice of being in the public eye or his success at being a businessman that you equate with his ability to run a nation? If not, is it his charm? Good looks? Help a girl out.

Secondly, do you think that one highly divisive person can truly "Make America Great Again?" To what "great" are we supposedly returning... the time where racial minorities were further marginalized? The time that women were even more oppressed? The time where the wage gap was larger and employment rates were lower? I just don't know. But you do, so that's why I'm asking.

What makes you think that generalizing and stereotyping people is an effective way to govern a country? From slavery to Japanese internment camps, from anti-Irish laws to the Holocaust, history has indicated that you cannot blame a singular group of people for a problem without serious repercussions. Do you believe that Trump's dangerous and irresponsible leadership, fear-inducing tactics, and overt racism, sexism, and Islamophobia is going to be different than the countless other times that corrupt leaders have come to power? Do you think that the United States of America will be in a good place, in terms of foreign relationships and policy, if Trump is elected?

Maybe most importantly, who are you? If your skin is not an appropriate shade of "white," if you do not speak English, if you are Muslim, middle-class or below the poverty line, a woman, anything other than heterosexual, Mexican, (this list goes on and on), Trump's hateful rhetoric is directed at you. Why are you voting for someone who does not believe that you deserve equality, respect, and protection under the law?

If you are none of the listed above items and you don't know or like anyone that is, do you really believe that you are so much better than almost everybody else?

For those of you who are voting because he "is the only one left" or you think that "he will win so you might as well vote for him?," I implore you to reconsider. Cross your fingers that someone else will become the nominee during the GOP Convention this summer. Vote for a Democrat. Vote third party. I promise, regardless of your political party or personal values (unless they're steeped in discrimination and hate), Trump is not the least of the evils.

But if you are going to vote for Trump or are supporting him with gusto, please let me know why. It's for research.

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