I've become one of those senior girls who is nervous if her degree audit is correct, sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, and is trying not to stress out about college exit exams and Spring.

Who am I?

A college student who is a little apprehensive about graduating in the spring.

If only life were as simple as the game Headbands. Don't get me wrong, the game is slightly annoying when you don't have good questions to ask your fellow gamers.

I'll explain.

What you do in this game is you and the other players put on plastic headbands that have a slit in the front of them. Then you pick from a stack of cards and put your card (the cartoon image side facing your opponents) in that slit. This card has either a person, place, or thing drawn on it. Your goal is to guess what you are before anyone else does. You find out what you are by asking Yes or No questions to your opponents.

Your only clue is you know you are a person, place, or thing. The rest you figure out through the Yes/No responses to your questions.

I've been a pancake, Hollywood, and Cleopatra before. It took way too long for me to figure out I was a pancake. My brother, who finished first, was done thirty minutes before me. We were all sitting in the kitchen, and one of my friends kept going to the pantry and rummaging around the pancake mix to try to help. I was so oblivious I didn't even see it.

I felt very dumb when I figured it out, to say the least.

Life - not as simple as the game Headbands. In Headbands, a player can only be one thing – either a person, place, or thing. But in life, we can be many things all at once. I have been a theater kid, softball player, sorority girl, paint-crew member, Old Navy employee, girlfriend, small group leader, and more in my life... and most of these things were happening simultaneously!

I know this trend will continue after college. I will have many labels on me all at once, but all I want to know is what job I want after college.

I want to know where I belong in the business world. Selfishly, I want someone smarter than me to discover that perfect job I would love and give it to me for Christmas. It would be even better if they updated my resume and got me an interview to a great company, too.

But that isn't how it works, and that is how life can be as annoying as the game Headbands. It takes a while to figure out what job you are cut out for. It requires some hard work, some trial and error, some "I'll figure it out next time" when you've finally left a bad working experience. I wonder if I'm asking the right Yes or No questions, sometimes. I wonder if I'm missing the clues, because life gives me clues as to what I can handle, what I love doing, and what is good for me.

It's always been important for me to follow my passions, no matter how odd they seem to my friends or family… or how unattainable landing a job with said passions are. Recently, I learned from a very caring man named Robert (who never finished college) the following:

"No matter what job you're in, you're not going to be paid what you think you're worth anyway, so do something you love."

I probably cannot follow his advice right away after college, which is okay with me. I understand finding that job you love more than hate takes time. I don't have all the answers to my "What if's"... yet.

I do know that the middle of the game is always the hardest part for me because I become uncomfortable in the uncertainty. But the uncertainty of life is kind of thrilling at the same time BECAUSE I realize time is so vital to help me figure out what I need to do to become the woman I want to be.

To all the people out there who feel like they are in the middle of the game of life, stay positive. I think this is the most exciting part of our stories (even though facing the unknown is very uncomfy). Know that as long as you keep doing the next right thing, you're on the right path to success and happiness.

You know, it's awesome how you can talk yourself out of the stress you're experiencing if you focus on the positive aspects of the situation.

If none of that brightened your day, here are some awesome life hacks (ways to make life easier) that I am totally going to test out. All of them had me giggling, thinking "Why hadn't I thought of that myself?"