Fall. Easily the best season of the year. The weather is cool and comfortable, anything and everything you could think of comes in pumpkin flavors, the leaves are beautiful colors and of course, it's time to pick apples. After spending days upon days locked inside with the air conditioning blasting or hiding by the pool to escape the scorching sun and humid air, there is nothing more refreshing than spending a day outside in the nice, cool air.

Fitted in your favorite flannel and boots and grasping your pumpkin coffee, you must take a few hours outside to enjoy apple picking. Yes, it may be a bit overpriced to fill a bag with apples, but you're paying for more than a bag of fruit, you're paying for the experience. The time with family and friends, hayrides, perfect photo opportunities and fun filled memories.

Every year for the past few years, my boyfriend and I have gone apple picking at the same family farm. We have so much fun taking pictures, choosing the best and biggest apples, and sampling (just a few) as we go along. I love spending the time outside in the crisp fall air (finally not humid air) against the gorgeous foliage. I love how fresh and flavorful the apples you pick are, especially in comparison to store bought apples. I love the excitement of walking up and down the countless rows of apple trees, searching for the perfect apple to take home and devour. Or, turn it into a savory apple pie.

Apple picking is a great date idea, family outing and the perfect fall activity for you and your college friends. There are tons of family farms and local orchards in Massachusetts to choose from, all of which will offer you a great experience. There is no better activity than apple picking to get you in the mood for the fall season. Once you go now, you're going to want to go again and again, enjoying all of fall.

So, as the Halloween decorations and pumpkin flavored beverages continue to roll out, make sure you kick off your fall season with apple picking and then hopefully some apple pie baking!