All throughout grade school, my sister and I went to the same schools. Being her sister opened doors for me and helped get me through high school.

I can still remember being a freshman in high school while she was a senior. She drove me everywhere. Although the mornings were tough, she often would try and make me go out there in the freezing cold to start the car in the morning, or she would yell at me if I was running a little late. Those mornings listening to the radio on our way in together are mornings I wish I could have every morning sometimes. They really gave a kickstart to my day. My favorite part of those days was hearing her voice every single morning on the morning announcements at our high school. At the end of every announcement she would say her last name and as time went on teachers and other students started to realize we were related. When she graduated, I missed so much about having her at the school with me. The littlest things I would miss. Seeing her in the hallway even though she would pretend not to see me, or just the fact that I had to listen to someone else do the morning announcements for three years after she graduated. No one ever did the announcements as well as she did.

Once I graduated high school, I wanted my own start, a new lead. I was tired of being "Sams' little sister." Anyone with an older sibling can relate. I tried that out but look where I ended up, right back at a school she attends as well. So we're back in the same situation, I'm a freshman and she is about to graduate. Although it is college and it is much different, I still love being Sams' sister.

The other day I realized how important it was for our bond to continue to be this strong. I became very ill on the SuperBowl, and I had a cardiac episode, and although my sister lives off campus, she drove to my dorm to make sure the EMTs knew my condition and sat by my side the whole way in the ambulance and by the hospital bed, just as she used when we were little. As we grow older we fight about stupid things, but one thing I know for sure is that she is always there for me and for that I will always be there for her. She knows me like the back of her hand and I am thankful to be at the same campus as her. I love Samantha no matter what. I know sometimes I do not show it, or we go a couple days without talking, but I would not want anyone else to be my big sister. I am proud of you and everything you have accomplished in your life, and I am so happy to be your little sister.