10 Reasons Why Abilene Christian University Is The Best
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Student Life

10 Reasons Why Abilene Christian University Is The Best

Because there can never be too many.

10 Reasons Why Abilene Christian University Is The Best
Abilene Christian University

Abilene Christian University is known for being a Christian university in the middle of nowhere (almost). While we are a small school, we are mighty in spirit and continue to grow by the year. Here are a few ways ACU is an amazing school.

1. Class sizes are 14:1.

With small class sizes, professors are able to help you one-on-one DURING class. This allows the student to have better access to the professor. It also gives the professor the ability to learn more about their students in a shorter period of time. Therefore, more individualized learning with increased chances for an A!

2. It is a Christian university.

Being able to bring God into the classroom makes learning very different. When professors are able to talk about modern topics from a Christian perspective can be rewarding in various ways. Also being able to go to chapel five days a week can be uplifting in a rigorous environment (i.e. finals or midterms).

3. Pledging is fun.

Where else can you find around 200 women dressed up like they're from the early 1900's? The men dress formally in suits and ties while the women were old-club dress from when the founders attended the school. Men of a certain club sing to the women of another club. Chapel is clearly separated between the pledges and the non-pledges. Gandalf stands on the bridge and won't let anyone pass. Watching pledging is almost like watching a comedy movie for three weeks. A movie I hope to be a part of this upcoming semester.

4. SINGSONG!!!!!! (No other words necessary.)

SingSong is a weekend-long event that has at least a full year's worth of planning involved. Each year there are three categories that groups can take home a prize. The men and women's social clubs, as well as each of the classes, are invited to perform. Months of planning have taken place to write the music, choreograph the moves, and have enough members on the stage. After winter break, students come back to find campus has been taken over by singing and dancing like never before. SingSong is an amazing experience that everyone should see.

5. Summit is an eye-opening experience.

Every fall, ACU opens its doors to speakers from all over the nation to speak at it's annual event. Summit is a four-day affair filled with amazing lecturers and others who come to share their knowledge of what God means to them and how to share it with the world. Alumni and members from around the community also come to hear what the speakers have to say. The Biblical Studies building is filled with groups who show missions and other institutes who believe in the same cause. Summit is life-changing if you let it be.

6. They prepare students for the future.

Students are prepared not only academically, but emotionally and socially as well. Student life brings freshman in and gives them a place to live, on their own but with help if needed. The dorms have amazing RA's who care about you and want to know you. People living on either side of you can become your best friends. Curfew is set at midnight to make sure you actually get some sleep (unless you have Netflix). Sophomore year changes because your dorm living experience changes into your dorm-apartment living experience. The RA's are still there and you still have neighbors, but the dorms are apartment-style. You know have to care for your own bathroom and kitchen instead of the dorm taking care of it. You also have no curfew!! Junior and senior year you can finally live off-campus in one of the many apartments Abilene has to offer. ACU has learned to slowly integrate their students into living on their own for their future success.

7. Abilene is a small-sized college town.

Something many people do not know about Abilene is that it actually houses THREE universities. Besides Abilene Christian, Hardin-Simmons and McMurray "live" in the city. This allows Abilene to have a small-city feel while also being a college town. Abilene has many fun places to go such as the zoo or the rodeo when it comes to town. We also have the luxury of a short drive to bigger cities such as Waco and the Dallas/Fort Worth area a few hours away. Abilene is also home to many small-town shops and museums that make you feel cozy on the inside. Abilene gives people a small-town feel with a city population.

8. Intramurals at ACU are exciting.

ACU has a long history of intramurals. People flock to join teams and others flock to watch them. Intramurals let students who do not have the time or the athletic ability to join the regular sports teams and put them on one they can join. There are competitive and non-competitive levels anyone can join. From the fun league to the championship league, there is something for everyone.

9.Homecoming is the biggest (and longest) party weekend.

Homecoming is an experience like no other. Alumni come from all over the globe to participate in the weekend event. It all kicks off on Friday with Homecoming Chapel and ends on Sunday night with another chapel. From the carnival and the parade to the football game, Homecoming brings the spirit that you can't find at any other school. With the alumni present, the football game is louder and school spirit is stronger. The parade and carnival allow them to relive their experiences from when they came to ACU. A concert is held and come to see their peers perform on stage with amazing music. Homecoming is an incredible experience for everyone involved. (Did I even mention the musical?!?!?!?!?!)

10. The "freshman experience".

As a freshman at ACU, they try to make the conversion from teenager to adult as smooth as possible. Wildcat Week is the start of this with putting you in a group that also happen to make up one of your required freshman classes. They also have an activities fair to get you more involved on campus as well as off, The week ends with a major block party on Cypress Street in old Abilene. Food and fun as well as churches with their college ministries so you can meet people and find a church home. It ends with a movie at the historic Paramount Theatre, something no one will want to miss! Parent's Weekend is also great because of Freshman Follies. This is like SingSong, but to a much smaller scale. Freshman dorms come up with acts to perform in front of faculty, parents, and friends alike.

During the school year, the dorm coordinators help students as well as professors and faculty. They are amazing people to talk to as well as help you with your homework and boy problems. "If a guy asks you to walk around the Lundsford, it's a date." — my awesome RA, Rachel. The dorms also host events throughout the year such as a Christmas party and an end-of-the-year bash. They want everyone to feel like a family and get to know one another. The year ends with Freshman Formal where everyone dances and utterly, ends the year because finals are the next week. Freshman have an amazing time on campus and I would not have wanted to have it any other way.

Abilene Christian is an amazing university for anyone who comes. From the academics to social life, they have something for everyone. Without this school, I would have no idea where I would have ended up. I would never change from where I am right now.

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